The reinforcing rope of the device

The reinforcing rope of the device.



The reinforcing rope of the device unlike the conventional rope has a superior combination of properties, which allows to improve the performance of concrete products.



Traditional reinforcing rope is designed for use in pre-stressed construction structures.

Reinforcing rope comprises a Central wire, called a core, and wound on the core wire strand (outer layer). The core can be made as individual wire or bundle of wires.

Number of wound wires of the strands of the outer layer may be 6 (six) or more. Widespread semiprivate class K-7 and devyatnadtsatiletnyaya class K-19 the reinforcing ropes.

Reinforcing ropes are made from high strength wire.

The reinforcement ropes are used for the production of strangbetong in industrial-civil and road construction, as well as the construction of special facilities. Use wire rope in the manufacture of reinforced concrete structures increases their operational characteristics, including enhanced strength, tensile strength, durability and reliability of the design.

The reinforcing rope of the device in contrast to conventional rope has improved complex of properties. Such properties can not be obtained by conventional methods of production. Nanostructured rope is obtained using special operations thermomechanical processing.


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