The optimizer load on mains

The optimizer load on mains CLUSTERWIN OEL-820.



The optimizer load on the electricity network prevents network overload and disable “automatic” when connecting energy-intensive appliances or industrial equipment. The effect is achieved by the redistribution of power in a pair of consumers and is equivalent to increasing network capacity.



The principle of operation


Example of work




The optimizer of the load on the electrical network CLUSTERWIN OEL-820 prevents network overload and disable “automatic” when connecting energy-intensive appliances or industrial equipment. Provides a lump sum reduction of power consumption and network load that gives the ability to connect more consumers with the same power limit. The effect is tantamount to increase the capacity of the network and is achieved by the redistribution of power in a pair of consumers.

The optimizer of the load on the electrical network is used to connect the power consuming loads. There is no need to connect it to televisions, computers and other appliances with low energy consumption.


Working principle:

The principle of operation of the optimizer of the load – redistribution of electric power between two consumers in such a way that at any point in time will be included only one of the two consumers.

The device comes with a set of two rosette adapters made in the body with plug and outlet. The adapter is marked with the letter A in a green circle is the “master”. It is designed for connecting the priority consumers. It can be a kettle, heater, grill, pump, hair dryer, toaster, etc electrical appliances, not continuously, but in cycles.

The adapter is marked In orange circle – driven. It includes non-priority user, the device with large thermal inertia, the brief disconnection of which is not critical. This can be a water heater, electric floor heating, convector heating, etc.

The adapters work in pairs, and the interaction between them occurs automatically, by a coded radio channel.



– decline in General, a lump sum of power consumed while maintaining comfort of use of electrical appliances,

increase the number of customers without increasing network capacity,

– reducing the load on the wiring (to prevent overload and fire),

connect additional customers without increasing the limit of the allocated capacity,

– easy connection without additional wiring,

significant savings of money.


Example of:

1. Home heating heaters:

The house has two powerful heater that can not work simultaneously due to the large capacity emboss machine. One heater has a thermostat. The second can be enabled/disabled manually.

Not to run and not to include them – include them using the adapters OEL-820.

First, one heats the heater. When the thermostat turned it off, the second heater turns on and heats until I turn on the first heater. And so the circle. The heaters operate on line, without disturbing each other and without overburdening the network.

In one house you can have several pairs of heaters connected via SEOs load OEL-820, which do not interfere with each other.

2. Connection of additional powerful consumer:

The house has a heater (or the heater), but occasionally need to turn on the kettle (or other device). The devices cannot operate simultaneously due to the large capacity. Run and turn off the heater/water heater when you switch the kettle on my iPad. Include them through the OEL-820 and forget about the problem.

Now, when you turn on the kettle, heater/water heater switches off automatically at the time of boiling water. After the kettle has switched off the heater/water heater continues to work.

To maximize the use of allocated capacity electrical appliances in a pair should be chosen with the same or close to capacity.



Features: The value
Maximum load current of each unit 15A/220V
The radio channel frequency 869 MHz
Maximum power 3.3 kW
Radio – jamming Duplessy transceiver used in medical equipment, telecommunication, telemetry. Two-way communication in each unit include a receiver and transmitter.
Coding of the radio signal in each pair of blocks unique
Control of a radio signal there
Search for free radio channels with the appearance of interference there
Protection serial on / off priority of the loads there
Effective range (depends on the materials of the walls and floors of the building) about 50-80 meters
The possibility of parallel operation of several blocks (led blocks) up to four units
Auto restart after power failure network there
Case material non-combustible plastic
The protection of children blinds
Lock function keys during operation there
Works with electronic electricity meters, such as the MATRIX NP 71 with integrated power outages in excess of allowed limit power.


Note: the description of technology for example the optimizer loads on the electricity network CLUSTERWIN OEL-820.