The hybrid Na-CO2 battery

The hybrid Na-CO2 battery that continuously produces electric power and hydrogen.

Technology is in the process of development!




The hybrid Na-CO2 battery consists of two tanks with organic electrolyte and a water solution, the anode is made from metallic sodium, which is placed in an organic electrolyte, and cathode, placed in a special aqueous solution. Both reservoir fluids between the separated by sodium super ionic membrane (NASICON).

In aqueous solution CO2 is fed, which reacts with the cathode, resulting in a special water solution in the tank is oxidized, which in turn leads to the generation of electricity and production of hydrogen.

Thus, the hybrid Na-CO2 battery consumes carbon dioxide and “produces” hydrogen and electric current.

The hybrid Na-CO2 battery when working does not produce any harmful emissions. The remaining CO2 in the tank settles out and is removed from the electrolyte in the form of baking soda.

The hybrid Na-CO2 battery is able to work at least 1,000 hours.


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