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Interactive training systems – the driving simulators, simulators, medical simulators, navigation and helicopter.



Interactive training systems in various fields of human activity presents a wide range of simulators: driving simulators, the simulators, medical simulators, fitness complex ambulance crews, a fitness complex for managers and employees GO and CHS, a navigation simulator, a simulator of helicopter Mi-8, etc.


Interactive training systems

The driving simulators the simulators, their benefits, options

The medical simulator is a hybrid simulator endoscopy ENSIM LH-01, its advantages, opportunities

Training complex brigade ambulance AUTOTRADER ATSP-01, its benefits

Medical equipment

Training complex for managers and employees defense and emergency situations and its benefits

Simulators of navigation, their benefits, options

Complex simulator of helicopter Mi-8 of EMERCOM, its benefits


Interactive training systems:

Interactive complexes for the training of specialists in various fields of human activity presents a wide range of simulators:

– with driving simulators, simulators,

medical equipment,

training complex of the ambulance,

training complex for managers and employees GO and CHS,

equipment of navigation,

trainer of the helicopter Mi-8,


All products are developed based on the latest world achievements in the field of virtual reality systems and automation.


The driving simulators flight simulators:

The driving simulators simulation “AUTOTRADER” is intended for training of drivers of passenger and freight cars for the purpose of formation and maintenance at them steady skills of driving in various landscape, road and weather conditions, including in conditions of dense urban traffic.


The advantages of driving simulators simulators:

the driver’s seat and controls fully correspond to the real car

– proper driving skills. Do not want to “retrain” after the trainer,

– imaging system in all trim levels excludes dead zone during driving,

– fixing violations of all points of traffic regulations and methods of teaching according to the traffic police,

training “harder” of a real car. To “move” with the simulator to the real car turns out better

– education of “careful” driving. The technique of frequent repetition of the correct action,

– development of emergency situations. Special attention is paid to the implementation of the ice (the reason for the increase in the risk of an accident by 42%),

– dense flow transportation, tube,

– complex traffic situations, difficult intersections, interchanges,etc.

– detailed mathematical model of VAZ, KAMAZ,

exercise for complex maneuvering and feeling the envelope, serpentine, contraction, 180-degree turns,etc.

– fixing all kinds of errors on the circuit and on automatic,

– statistics and observation of the dynamics of learning.


Versions of driving simulators:

the driving simulator at-L. 01,

– an instructor to control the equipment series TC-M,

– dynamic driving simulator KAMAZ chassis (at-G. 01),

the driving simulator at-G. 02,

the driving simulator at-G. 04,

the driving simulator at-M 01,

the driving simulator at-M 01 with a dynamic platform.


The medical simulator is a hybrid simulator endoscopy ENSIM LG-01:

Virtual hybrid simulator endoscopy ENSIM LH-01 is not having analogues in the world medical hybrid simulator that combines robot-patient, surgical and anesthesia simulators.



The advantages of hybrid simulation endoscopy ENSIM LG-01:

– the real position of surgical team regarding the surgical field. The complicated access( at an angle, at a distance) depending on the position of the patient(American, French, etc.),

the robot simulates a patient complications of a General nature (requires resuscitation, aspiration, etc.), and surgical complications requiring medical teams in teamwork,

four universal ports for laparoscopic instruments (all kinds of tools). The choice of laparoscopic approach and change the status of ports depending on the clinical situation

command (communicative) preparation team: operating surgeon, assisting surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurse,

simulated surgical stand: work with real surgical equipment (coagulation, aspiration, etc.).


Capabilities of the hybrid simulator endoscopy ENSIM LG-01:

– basic exercises,

– the basic skills of the endoscopic suture,

– development of clinical skills

– surgical intervention

gynecological laparoscopy,

– hysterectomy,

– appendectomy,

– statistics implementation and administration of the educational process.


Training complex brigade ambulance AUTOTRADER ATSP-01:

Simulator ambulance AUTOTRADER ATSP-01 is designed for the practical skills ambulance and a universal tool of training, during which the medical team and driver develop their skills of working together and reflexive motor skills of emergency conditions.


The advantages of the training complex brigade ambulance AUTOTRADER ATSP-01:

– realistic dynamic loads on the medical team,

– different situations in emergency medicine,

– travel to the places of emergency

– full control over the exercise by a team of physicians with instructor

module of medical care,

– driver module,

module instructor.


Medical simulators:

Medical simulators are presented with the following options:

– virtual hybrid simulator of endovascular surgery ENSIM EG-01,

virtual endoscopy simulator ENSIM L-01 basic modification,

virtual hysteroscopy simulator ANSIM G-01,

– virtual simulator of endovascular surgery ENSIM e-01 (base option),

– virtual simulator for endourology ENSIM U-01,

robot simulator of the patient ENSIM RP-01,

– the training complex of anesthesiology ENSIM RPA-01,

– multi-functional dummy simulating childbirth ENSIM RPR-01,

– multi-functional dummy simulating childbirth ENSIM RPR-02,

robot simulator of the newborn and premature baby ENSIM RP-01 and RP-02.


Training complex for the managers and employees of civil defense and emergencies:

Training and fitness complex for the new generation of managers and employees GO and CHS are designed to improve the qualifications and support managers and executives, and emergency situations and provides review and practical exercises.

Training complex allows to solve the following tasks:

– organization of planning activities and emergency situations in subordinate organizations

– management of translation organizations of civil defense and emergencies in different degree of readiness,

– improving the sustainability of the economic facilities,

– organization of management and interaction of forces of civil defense and emergencies when performing rescue and other emergency operations.


The advantages of the training package for managers and employees of civil defense and emergencies:

– fixed training tasks, on which work is conducted with the system. The instructor controls the launch and execution of tasks in the field of trainees,

– several types of tasks: create a plan ADNR (for emergency response and means of destruction); the formation of the plan of ADNR on the basis of plans, readiness assessment, the capacity of the engineering protection

– simulation of emergencies: informative, pace of events in time, graphical information, charts,

– functional and flexible calculation of necessary forces and means based on valid documents. Increased informativeness due to the accompanying diagrams

– possible consideration of multiple emergencies

– high speed of the program, including calculation of consequences,

– convenient, friendly user interface, the workspace of the system is located in the sidebar, the map is always available.


Simulators navigation:

Driving simulators small vessels of company “EIDOS” is designed to build and maintain the skills of safe management of motor vessels of small displacement when sailing in sea and river routes, of different scales and purposes, and to provide skills to rescue and carry over service.

The following configurations are possible simulators of navigation:

– TRAMONTINA imaging system with a viewing angle of 120°,

– imaging system based on stereo vision (3D),

– TRAMONTINA imaging system with a viewing angle of 120°. Dynamic platform that simulates the test acceleration, pitching, vibration.


The advantages of simulators navigation:

– monitoring compliance with rules in accordance with the rules of swimming on internal waterways of the Russian Federation and the international regulations for preventing collisions at sea,

– various water area for practicing all basic skills. Fine-tuning of the conditions of exercise, modification of maps, placement of vessels and objects, set up jobs,

– artificial intelligence of ships subject to the rules of navigation on internal waterways of the Russian Federation and the COLREGs (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions). The court interact with the learner and with each other, creating a situation identical to the real,

– realistic ship dynamics, taking into account the parameters of the vessel, speed and direction of wind, current,etc.

simulated catches of weather — rain, snow, wind, sea state up to 5 points

– realistic graphics rendering. Designed model of the environment,

– in the configuration with a dynamic platform trenier reports and pitching loads experienced during maneuvering or in stormy weather.



Options simulators navigation:

– dynamic simulator navigation TC-M. 01,

– dynamic simulator navigation TC-M. 02,

simulator navigation TS-M 011,

simulator navigation TC-M. 021.


Complex simulator of helicopter Mi-8 of EMERCOM:

Aircraft simulator of helicopter Mi-8 of EMERCOM allows you to do the training of the pilots are absolutely safe and do safe testing of contingencies, some of which are extremely dangerous to practice in real flight.


The advantages of the complex simulator of helicopter Mi-8 of EMERCOM:

the motion system gives pilots a sense of movement arising from the acceleration of the helicopter or change of its angular position,

in contrast to systems of mobility with pneumatic or hydraulic actuators of the motion system based on servo provides extremely high positioning accuracy even at fast speeds of movement of the platform that allows you to realistically simulate all kinds of accelerations characteristic of the Mi-8 helicopter,

– mathematical model of a complex simulator is developed on a modular principle and consists of a detailed described in the program of all helicopter units: helicopter systems, engine etc. Each of the nodes can be reprogrammed. Thus, changing some of them (nodes), you can get a different model helicopters, e.g. Mi-8MTV

– thanks to the accumulated empirical data and analytical work of the Kazan Aviation Institute with a Mi-8 helicopter developed a mathematical model has an accuracy of at least 80%. Each node of the helicopter has a representation in the mathematical model.


Note: the description of technology in example, training facilities of company “EIDOS”.