The density of Lantana

The density of Lantana.



The density of Lantana:

Density – a scalar physical quantity, defined as the ratio of the mass of the body to occupy this body volume.

To denote the density of the usually used Greek letter ρ.

ρ = m / V where m is body mass, V – its volume.

Density of Lantana (ρ) is 6,162 – of 6.18 g/cm3 or 6162 – 6180 kg/m3.

The density of Lantana is given under normal conditions (according to IUPAC), i.e. at 0 °C and a pressure of 105 (100 000) PA.

For information: 101 325 PA = 1 ATM = 760 mm Hg. article

You must keep in mind that the density of metals can vary depending on environmental conditions (temperature and pressure). The exact value of the density of metals depending on environmental conditions (temperature and pressure) it is necessary to look in directories.




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