The aircraft with the “air bubble”

The aircraft with the “air bubble”.

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The aircraft with the “air bubble”:

The aircraft with the “air bubble” on the surface he is a normal airship with wings. However, for flight he uses the principle (mechanism) operation of the swimming bladder in fishes.

So, the swim bladder helps the fish stay at a certain depth, where the weight of the water displaced by the fish water equal to the weight of the fish. When the fish is actively lowered below this level, the body, feeling more outside pressure from the wateris compressed, squeezing the swim bladder. The weight of the displaced water volume decreases and becomes less than the weight of the fish and the fish plunges down. The lower it falls, the stronger the water pressure, the more squeezed the body of the fish and the faster continues its dive. On the contrary, the ascent to the surface , the gas in the swimming bladder expands and reduces the specific weight of the fish, which further pushes the fish to the surface.

As for aircraft, it is filled with helium and contains a cushion of air that the pumps are admits and releases air. “Air bubble” at the expense of release and compression (intake) air at the same time and by facilitating and weighting design creates thrust from the airship. Thus, the source of motion is the circular filling “air bubble” of compressed air and release it outside.

The airship is equipped with solar panelslocated on the wings that produce the electricityneeded to operate pump, making it fully Autonomous.


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