The acceleration of chemical reactions 10 000 times

The acceleration of chemical reactions 10 000 times using dynamic catalysts.



The use of dynamic catalysts (with an attached mechanical vibrations) will accelerate chemical reactions 10 000 times.


The acceleration of chemical reactions 10 000 times:

To accelerate the occurrence of some chemical reactions use catalysts. Any chemical reaction on the catalyst surface are faster than not on the surface. Action of catalysts is to reduce the activation energy of the reaction, in other words, to reduce the height of the energy barrier.

Scientists have conducted a series of experiments. On the surface of the catalyst was exposure to mechanical vibration waves with frequency from kilohertz to megahertz, which led to a sharp increase in the efficiency of chemical reactions is of the order of up to 10,000 times. It was found that when the wave is applied to the surface of the catalyst corresponded to the natural frequency of chemical reactions speed of chemical reactions increases dramatically due to the resonance.

Thus, the use of dynamic catalysts (with attached mechanical vibrations) instead of the usual static will speed up hundreds of thousands of different technological processes for the production of artificial and synthetic chemicals, to reduce the time of their production, the amount of equipment used and ultimately the cost of final products.


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