Terraforming planets by creating artificial domes of aerogel

Terraforming planets by creating artificial domes of the aerogel.

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Terraforming planets: Mars, moon, Venus, etc.:

Scientists proposed the concept of terraforming the individual regions of the planets: Mars, moon, Venus, etc. by creating artificial domes or screens from a layer of aerogel made of quartz with a thickness of 2-3 cm, Such a dome or screen of the aerogel is able to pass 95% of visible light, delaying thus to 99.5 % of the radiation up to 60 % of UV radiation. Aerogel as the material has low thermal conductivity, from 0,013 to 0.019 W/(m•K), and therefore is an excellent insulator. It will contribute to the creation of atmospheric greenhouse effect, maintaining the desired temperature. At the same time, the aerogel is a solid, durable, heat-resistant and heat-resistant material. Its working temperature range – from -200 °C to +1000 (1200) °C without loss of physical and mechanical properties.


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