Teplodar a catalyst for the combustion of fuel specialists divorce buy

Teplodar a catalyst for the combustion of fuel of new generation.



Teplodar a catalyst for the combustion of fuel. Up to 25% fuel savings, 10% increase in engine power, a 30% reduction in oil consumption. Up to 50% cost reduction on the plugs, fuel filters and other consumables.





How to use it?



Teplodar a catalyst for the combustion of fuel, provides for activation of the processes of combustion and complete combustion of the fuel / air mixture. Allows you to burn a greater amount of fuel when working stroke of the piston, which means less unburned fuel during the exhaust leaves at the pipe.

The volume of the bottle Choplifter 100 ml. One bottle is designed to handle 1,000 litres of fuel.



up to 25% fuel savings through optimization and redistribution of fuel combustion,

up to 10% increase in engine power by reducing knock and more complete combustion of the fuel,

– 30% reduction in oil consumption and increase its service life,

up to 50% reduction in the cost of candles, fuel filters and other consumables

– up to 50% less wear tspg by reducing the formation of abrasive structures in combustion of fuel (soot, soot) and improve the sliding of piston rings,

300% increased service life of the engine upon combustion of the activated fuel, cleans and restores the functionality of the catalyst and oxygen sensors,

– up to 15% savings due to safe transport on petrol Ai92,

developed in Russia is based on our poor quality fuel,

– works with any type of fuel (petrol, diesel, gas),

easy application without the installation of additional equipment,

– allows to decrease the noise and vibration of the engine

helps to reduce harmful emissions into the environment

– can reduce the cost of the service

easy start engine in winter

– allows you to increase the lifespan of the platinum / rhodium catalyst in the exhaust system,

ensures the cleaning of deposits and prevention of their occurrence, elimination of coke deposits and ekoobrazovanie, cleaning the entire fuel system of the engine,

– protects the engine from poor quality fuel.




passenger transport,

freight transport,



water transport,

the motorcycles.


How to use:

1. Shake the bottle Choplifter.

2. Use the dispenser.

3. Pour the catalyst into the tank or the gun

Use Choplifter in the proportion of 1 ml per 10 liters of any fuel.

Gas will fit a standard adapter. Pipette to each bottle as a gift.


Note: the description of technology in example of catalyst for combustion of fuel Choplifter.