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Winding machine with intelligent systems for charging a given number of meters with accuracy up to 5cm.



Winding machine is intended to run arbitrary ring-winding on toroidal carcasses (transformers, toroidal coil) with high speed (up to 800 revolutions per minute) in the qualitative assessment.








Winding machine table SNT-0450ПБ is designed to execute arbitrary ring winding for toroidal carcasses (transformers, toroidal coils) with a speed of 800 revolutions per minute in the qualitative assessment.

Winding machine has the intelligent fuel delivery systems of a given number of meters with accuracy up to 5cm of the true count of turns with the use of the span sensor; a system stopping the machine in the break or end of the wire; the system automatically stops machine when winding in the top of the cliff.

Super powerful spool allows for winding multiturn coil without solder connections. Reliable tensioning system ensures high uniformity of winding wires.



– the winding of the wire on the torus, as on the number of turns and length of wire;

– the presence of dlinomer when winding wire on a spool;

– accurate count of the turns to transient sensor;

– rpm sensor spool;

– function sensor broken wire when it is wound on the spool and on the torus. Stops the machine in less than one turn when the wire break or the end. This feature works with three sensors: a speed sensor of the spool, the span and dlinomer. The machine monitors the sensors and deactivation of the sensor dlinomer or span of the sensor gives the command to stop the machine;

– the sensor close spool ensures that the machine only with the closed spool. Prevents damage to the spool, protects the operator from injury;

– support rollers of the spool located on the outer side of the spool. This design counteracts the centrifugal force tending to open the spool, reduces noises and protects the spool from the departure of rollers, especially when the wire from the spool almost the entire rewind;

– increased to 47 mm diameter rollers spool with bearings No. 80026 ensure durability of the machine;

program computer support. The possibility to program the winding not only on the machine but on the computer and transfer it using external memory card on the unit control of the machine and back;

protection program winding from outside interference. Machine blocks access to change the program if in connector external memory card is not inserted memory card. This mode can be deactivated by entering a code;

– various types of winding: series, speed, segment, logarithmic, etc.;

– system of protection from interference and power surges in the mains. Resistance to Russian grids;

– the mode of electrodynamic braking by the engine. Provides sharp stop of the spool when breakage or the end of the wire and at the end of the winding;

having two handles manual rotation of the spool, the researchers, facilitates the work of the machine;

– spool No. 4-7 are separated into two parts, which gives the ability to set and wind the Torah of the big sizes;

rotary table for coils has a range of outer diameters of the wound coils from 25 to 120 mm.;

– the ability to tilt the rotary table and adjust its height. This allows you to center the spool relative to the spool;

– the ease and speed of installation on the rotary table of the core and withdrawal of the coil. Spring-loaded pressing roller is quickly relegated to the eccentric of the coil, freeing it;

– easy operation and maintenance.



– arbitrary winding toroidal coils.



Features: Value:
Diameter of winding wire, mm 0,08-0,6 (depending on number of spools)
Min. the inner diameter of the coil after winding (when the coils up to 20 mm mm 9-32
Diameter of spool, mm 201
The useful section of the spool Whn, mm2 5-170
The average length of one turn on the spool, mm 617-565
Winding speed (at 70 Hz), rpm 0-800
Max diameter of the coil after winding, mm 120
Min. the outer diameter of the core, mm 25
Max. Coil height, mm 40
Height of spreader rollers, mm 16 (32)
The diameter of the rollers of the block, mm 35
Max. the weight of the coil after winding, kg 5
The mechanism of a tension wire spring (magnets)
Max asked the number of turns of the winding 99999,9
Max. twisting on the spool, kgf 5
Input power to the winding, kW 0,18
Control range torque, kg x m 0-max
Type of motor winding asynchronous
Type of transmission mechanism of the winding Toothed belt
Sensor type counting the number of turns optical
Readability account of the number of turns 1
Fan forced cooling on demand
Type of transmission destacker gear
Step layout, mm/Rev 0,00121-24,2
The distance of the transition between the sections, mm 0,121-2420
Max speed of spreader, mm/sec 150
Adjusting the pitch layout electronic gearing
Available multiplicity crushing step layout 0,5
Number of speeds destacker 20000
Max. the force of the drive roller destacker, kgf 10
The number of drive rollers destacker 2
Material of rollers destacker carbon-free vacuum rubber
The presence of line destacker there
Engine type destacker stepper
Recommended frequency of operation of the engine in Hz 0 – 70
Max possible frequency of operation of the engine in Hz 120
Time reversal destacker (min), h 1/300
The sensor close spool limit switch
Dlinomer wire on the spool there
A function of sensor wire breakage during winding on the spool there
Modes of winding start winding, Domotica
Architecture (open/closed) open
Type of accommodation table
Dimensions LxWxH :mechanism of winding,mm control unit, mm 450х720х520. 420х260х360
Weight control unit, kg 35
The presence of the protective screen no
Nominal power consumption, kW 0,26
Voltage, frequency power supply, V/Hz 220±10%/50±2%
Type of electrical protection IP 44
Climatic version NF4.1
The type of control unit CNC
The ability to connect the pedal (start/stop) *
The ability to connect intelligent pedal *
Connectivity remote control *
The presence of a lamp of illumination of the working area *
Color scheme: RAL 7035 – grey, RAL 5018 – celadon RAL 7035
The ability to record data on a computer there
The number of different repeated sections 1-100 (00…99)/1-3000
The number of programs (superprogram) data Bank 1 (only) 1-10 (1-160)
Type tensioner FNU – 2
Type unwinding device BSU-0,5
Need fixing machine no
The need to install the machine on anti-vibration mount no
The number of operators required to operate the machine, man 1
Transport packaging cardboard
The type of transport (assembled/disassembled/partially disassembled) partially disassembled
The type of output data led indicator
Type keyboard button
The presence of removable storage drive there
* according to the additional agreement


Note: the description of technology in example of the winding machine SNT-0450ПБ.