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Superhard cutting material from impact diamonds.

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Superhard cutting material is obtained specs from the impact of nanoscale particles of diamond.

This superhard cutting material is made by compacting nano-sized particles of impact diamonds at a pressure of 8 GPA and a temperature of 1600-1800 degrees S0. At the output terminals, which can be used for the manufacture of cutting tools, ruling pencils, cutters for machining hard alloys, as well as inserts in crowns for complicated and super-deep drilling.

Tests have shown that such products are in 20-53 times higher than those of synthetic diamonds and mixtures of the latter with hard alloys.

They provide a cutting speed of 140 meters per minute, which is impossible for any of the currently known materials.

The world’s only source of impact diamonds, of which it turns out, the Popigai crater in Yakutia.