Superconducting foam

Superconducting foam.




Scientists have created a new kind of structure of the superconductor, superconductor foam.

Created material consists of empty pores, which are surrounded by a superconductor. Material consists of 90% long and 10% from the superconductor. Such internal structure of the superconducting foam allows to obtain superconductors almost any big, unlimited size. However, it is both light enough and durable material. Superconducting foam lighter than conventional superconductors 10 times. On the other hand, the presence of pores allows the foam to cool rapidly, since the properties and effects of superconductors are manifested only at low temperatures.

As with any superconducting superconductor foam has all their properties, including a stable, homogeneous and strong enough magnetic field that extends from all sides of the material.


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