Specific heat of metals

Specific heat of metals.



Table specific heat capacity of metals:

Heat capacity is the quantity of heat absorbed (emitted) whole body in the process of heating (cooling) by 1 Kelvin.

Specific heat is a physical quantity, numerically equal to the quantity of heat which must be transferred to a body with mass of 1 kg in order that its temperature has changed by 1 Kelvin.

Specific heat capacity is denoted by c and is measured in j/(kg·K).

C = Q / (m·ΔT),

where Q is the quantity of heat received by the substance when heated (or precipitated during cooling),

m is the mass of the heated (cooled) material,

ΔT – difference between the final and initial temperatures of the substance.

In the table the specific heat of metals is given when at 0 °C. For mercury, the specific heat is given at 25 °C for the thallium – at 50 °C.

You must keep in mind that the specific heat capacity of a substance is affected by the temperature and other thermodynamic parameters (volume, pressure, etc.) and how did the changes of these thermodynamic parameters (for example, at constant pressure or at constant volume).

The exact value of the specific heat capacity of metals depending on the thermodynamic conditions (temperature, volume, pressure, etc.) need to look in directories.

Metals Specific heat of metals, kJ/(kg·K)
Aluminium 0,897
Barium 0,285
Beryllium 1,8245
Vanadium 0,494
Bismuth 0,121
Tungsten 0,134
Gallium 0,343
Germanium 0,32214
Iron 0,439
Gold 0,129
Indium 0,238
Iridium 0,126
Yttrium 0,31
Cadmium 0,23
Potassium 0,737
Calcium 0,657
Cobalt 0,448
Li 3,308
Magnesium 0,976
Manganese 0,431
Copper 0,385
Molybdenum 0,251
Sodium 1,197
Nickel 0,427
Niobium 0,268
Tin 0,222
Osmium 0,129
Palladium 0,239
Platinum 0,129
Rhenium 0,133
Rhodium 0,243
Mercury 0,140*
Rubidium 0,335
Lead 0,126
Silver 0,234
Antimony 0,205
Thallium 0,134**
Tantalum 0,138
Tellurium 0,201
Titan 0,532
Uranium 0,117
Chrome 0,448
Cesium 0,201
Zinc 0,381
Cubic Zirconia 0,276
Cast iron

* – at 25 o C,

** – at 50 OC.


Source: Bohirov V. V., Rakitina D. V., Y. S. Solnyshkov Background materials for the decision of tasks on the course “heat and mass transfer” / GOU VPO “Ivanovo state energy University named after V. I. Lenin”. – Ivanovo, 2009; https://ru.wikipedia.org


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