Sol gel protective nanocoating

Sol gel protective nanocoating.




Sol gel protective nano – protective nano-coating, the resulting Sol gel technology.

Sol gel protective nanocoating is applied on regular materials: metals, ceramics, glass , etc.

Has various applications:

protection against infrared radiation

protection from UV radiation,

protection from scratches,

protection electronicAsia water when immersed electrical devices, equipment, printed circuit Board, etc. in the aquatic environment,

corrosion protection (including against acids, alkalis and other aggressive media),

dust protection,

easy cleaning surface


anti-microbial protection.

Technology of application of the Sol gel protective coating compared to other methods of deposition (vacuum deposition, magnetron sputtering, deposition from the gas phase, etc.) is simple, can be applied to articles of complex shape and configuration, low-temperature technological processes of application and low cost. It does not require complicated and expensive equipment for applying such coatings. All technological processes take place in a normal atmosphere.