Smart thermostat

The smart thermostat.



The smart thermostat can be installed on any heating, air conditioning, ventilation, dehumidification/humidification, and conserve resources with up to 40%. It has a built-in “smart” schedule and an intelligent system that learns the habits of the owner of the house and controls all systems in the absence of necessary intervention.






The smart thermostat is the smart home. It is an intelligent device equipped with sensors of moisture, temperature, movement and lighting. Based on the testimony of these sensors, the smart thermostat is designed for intelligent system management of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, dehumidification/humidification etc. in the house regardless of if they’re connected to a centralized system or are self-contained.

It can be installed in one room or in several or in all the house.

Smart thermostat has a built-in “smart” schedule that you can define yourself. Over time, the smart thermostat will learn the habits of the owner of the house and controls all systems in the house alone, in the absence of the need for the intervention of the owner. In the absence of the house owner, he will shut down all unnecessary systems will either reduce the resource consumption.

Smart thermostat controlled through the application (software product) that is installed on your computer or any mobile device. The app is simple and clear, and also has a built-in voice recognition function.



– can be installed on any heating, air conditioning, ventilation, etc. both new and old,

controlled with a mobile phone,

– controlled from anywhere in the world

adapts to the habits of the owner and in his absence controls all systems of heating, air conditioning, ventilation,etc.,

– provides maximum comfort

saves up to 30-40% (electricity up to 40%, heat 30%),

– creates a healthy and supportive climate

adapting to the habits of the owner, gives advice on the climate in each room. For example, to open a window and ventilate the room to reduce humidity and avoid mold formation,

– in the absence of people in the house never heats the room. Before coming home pre-warm the house

depending on the time of day (morning, afternoon, evening, night) and the daily routine of the owner (sleep, wakefulness, absence in the house) adjusts control heating, air conditioning, ventilation, etc., to make the indoor climate comfortable for the owner,

– find an open window in the room and reduce the heat consumption, until then, until it is closed, to prevent unnecessary heating of the room

will issue a statement about saving energy and resources for the day, month, or other period of time?

– in case of accident or other irregularities in heating systems, air conditioning, ventilation, etc. (low pressure, valve defects, failure of the pump , etc.) will issue a warning and notify the owner.


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