Smart tags with the analysis of consumer behavior

Smart tags with the analysis of consumer behavior.



Smart tags with the analysis of consumer behavior:

Smart tags change product prices automatically based on demand, stock and other indicators of pricing (time of day, purchase price, expiration date, ongoing actions, move the consumer through the hall, etc.) with the help of special software, electronic devices, built-in geolocation systems and without additional staff.

Smart tags includes specially created software that performs deep analysis of demand, balances, etc. indicators and pricing forms. The software synchronizes data with your CRM system in the enterprise and displays product prices on the price tags.

The program can either recommend the appropriate price of the product itself or online to set the optimal price for the product depending on time, demand, inventory of stock, acquisition costs, shelf life of products, ongoing promotions, etc. indicators.

The advantage of smart labels is that they can determine the traffic of visitors, their age, gender, and moving around the room with built-in Wi-fi module. He believes the distance from the tag to the Wi-Fi module of the smartphone. Then the data is transmitted and processed by the program.

Smart tags are easy to install. Apparently they are a electronic paper, special electronic blockconnected wirelessly to the computer. All electronics is installed and is on the shelf for goods.


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