Russian printer unique printing technology

Russian printer with unique technology of capillary high-energy, full-page printing.



Russian printer with unique technology of capillary high-energy, full-page print (ICR) was named “Katyusha” and is a multifunction printer (MFP).



General characteristics of “Katyusha”



The cost of printing



Russian printer with unique technology of capillary high-energy, full-page print (ICR) was named “Katyusha” and is a multifunction printer (MFP).

Russian printer “Katyusha” – the newest platform designed by Russian engineers and scientists.

Russian printer provides fast, cheap and quality printing is now for these opportunities.

Used printers Katusha pigment ink , polymer-based instantly are fixed in the thickness of the sheet. Sheet in the output tray is completely dry. Even if Your documents are subsequently exposed to water, mark the information on it will remain unchanged. For dozens of years.

Katusha implemented the principle of a fixed matrix of printing heads, allowing to minimize the noise when printing and improve the print speed. The printing sheet is less than 1 second.

The value of print may be closer to the price of the paper. Through the use of technology ICR printing with low ink consumption, almost zero cost for service and most effective energy efficiency grade A+.

The basis for the Russian printer based on the modular principle. Basic equipment includes a printer with an LCD touchdisplay control. Depending on the needs of the Russian printer can be added with scanner, copier, Fax machine, i.e. to be full-fledged IFIs. It is also possible in almost all adaptations from picking more cartridges to change the palette layout and management interface.


General characteristics of “Katyusha”:

The printer is the Russian “Katyusha” (MFP package):



black-and-white/full color;

printing speed up to 75 ppm;

print quality up to 2400х2400 dpi;

high-capacity cartridges resource;

print up to 50,000 pages;

fixed printhead;

innovative pigment dyes;

touch control display.



– fixed printhead printer provides ultra-high speed printing with low noise,

Russian printer uses a unique dye, formulated by the Russian chemists, have the property of instantaneous fixing on the paper and retain the quality of print forever

– due to the simplicity and reliability engineering solutions to the service costs tend to zero,

the Russian is using own software and that guarantees the confidentiality of workflows

– the modular build allows you to configure the printer for the needs of different customers,

Russian printer will allow companies to reduce up to 50% of the cost of office printing,

– allows to overcome the dependence of the domestic organizations from the import of printing technologies,

increases the environmental friendliness of printing processes. The technology of laser printing involves several processes: formation of image by laser on the photosensitive drum and the toner on the baking sheet. In this case, the air can be ozone, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, acetone, paper dust. Technology capillary high-energy, full-page printing (PVC printing) completely devoid of these shortcomings, as here, the coloring particles penetrate in the thickness of the sheet. In the printer “Katyusha” no heating elements, and used dyes are ecological and safe for health

– no emission of ozone and other harmful substances,

technical excellence: high print speed, wireless connectivity, advanced electronics, precision mechanics, open software platform

– customizable interface, advanced functionality and the possibility of its extension, a variety of design options

cost-effectiveness low cost of print, no additional costs

– multitasking (Russian printer is able to simultaneously perform multiple tasks of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing),

continuous printing process. Russian printer eliminates downtime because of sudden ending of the dyes. The printer uses a unique dual cartridges: after the devastation of the main unit of the dyes in the work connected automatically refill. In addition, “hot” replacement of cartridges is possible during printing, the dyes that is transferred from the second cartridge. The user there is sufficient time for replacement of the main cartridge,

– smart design. In the Russian printer with a set of trays, which allows the user to save time when a complex print. Through this set, the user can combine in one print job multiple formats and types of paper. For example, print in a single cycle of a contract with a colored title page, black & white text on plain paper, and an envelope of evroformat,

– easy maintenance of the printer is dictated by the simplicity of the device. In the printer Katusha container with supplies separate from the unit of the printhead. In the printer Katusha provided consumables capacity from 3,000 to 50,000 pages. Thus, even under intense circulation of 4,000 pages per month to change the cartridge, you only need once a year,

the only service operation of the printer replacing the print cartridge,

advanced features:

trays with password access;
built-in magnetic stripe reader and proximity cards of the employees;
auto dyes for important documents;
dye with quantum dots(marks);
preparation for work in the conditions of shaking, temperature fluctuations, high humidity.



Function Print, copy, scan, Fax
Multitasking support Yes
Type print PVK
Color black-and-white / color
The speed of printing in professional mode 50 pages/min
The speed of printing in the office mode up to 75 ppm
Time to first page
Black and white 4c
Color 9c
Print resolution (hardware) 600x600dpi
Print resolution (interpolation) 2400х2400 dpi
Display Color touch screen diagonal of 14.5 cm and a resolution FullHD (1920×1080)
Number of print cartridges
For black-and-white printer 2 (1 primary + 1 spare)
For color printer 4 (black, blue, pink, yellow)
The capacity range of cartridges 3 000 – 50 000 page
Capacity for waste ink 50 000 p.
The printer control languages emulation PCL 5e,
emulation PCL 6, ASCII,
PostScript 3 emulation,
Direct Image, AirPrint,
emulation PDF 1.7 – optional
LDAP support Yes
Standard Ethernet 10/100/1000, USB 3.0, USB direct print, Wi-Fi
Install drivers Directly from the device with any connection type
Supported operating systems Windows, OS X, Linux
Memory, standard 1024 MB
The maximum amount of memory 5120 MB
Trays and paper handling
The paper tray, standard 600 sheets (80 g/m2)
The paper tray, additional (option) 600 sheets (80 g/m2)
The manual tray paper 150 sheets (80 g/m2)
The output paper tray 600 sheets (80 g/m2) face down
Media types office paper; envelopes; stickers; postcards; film
Supported media sizes A4; A5; A6; B5 (JIS); B6 (JIS); 10 x 15 cm; envelopes (B5; C5;C6; DL)
Media weight, supported 60 – 350 g/m2
A sensor for automatically determining the type and weight of paper Yes
Two-sided printing automatically
Borderless printing Yes
Automatic alignment of paper when submitting Yes
The copy speed in professional mode 50 pages/min.
The speed of copying in office mode 75 pages/min.
The copy resolution (hardware) 600x600dpi
The copy resolution (interpolation) 1200×1200 dpi
Copy settings mirroring,
scale (10 – 500%), turn, booklet, “copy cards”, “reproduction”, automatic masshtabi mapping
Circulation 1 – 99 999
The scanning speed at a resolution of 300x300dpi
in black and white 70 pages/min.
in color mode 50 pages/min
Scan resolution (interpolated) 4800х4800 dpi
Scanning over a network TWAIN/WIA, SMB, FTP, e-mail
Scanning through USB TWAIN/WIA
The file format of scan JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF
The bit width of the scan
color scan 24-bit
shades of gray 8 bit
Scan resolution 150, 300, 400, 600 dpi
Automatic two-sided one-pass document scanning Yes
Capacity automatic document feeder 150 sheets
The Fax resolution 400 dpi
Transfer speed 33600 bit/s
Speed dial, number of rooms 100
Fax memory 100 sheets of A4
The lifetime of multifunction printer 5 years
Guarantee 3 years


The cost of printing:

Used traditional technology The printer is the Russian “Katyusha”
Printing method laser jet
The cost of one imprint 1 ruble < 50 cents
Printing costs per employee ~ 25 thousand rubles per year ~ 7 thousand rubles per year
Dependence on imports and currency exchange rates 100% missing


Note: the description of the example printer of the Russian “Katyusha”.