Russian infrared heaters Ikolayn for home garden areas of the greenhouse with thermostat wall-mounted ceiling price, buy reviews the pros and cons of the site, the connection principle street energy saving features

Russian infrared heaters Ikolayn as a cheap form of heating systems for industrial and domestic purposes.



Infra-red heating system is 2-3 times cheaper convection, energy saving up to 60%. Infrared heaters provide fast heating of the room in comparison with conventional heating systems. Differ simplicity of installation, environmental friendliness, fire safety. They can be installed in the ceiling that allows you to keep walls and floors free.



The physics of operation of infrared heaters





Russian infrared heaters for industrial and domestic purposes Ikolayn are separate modules-heaters for false ceilings and for wall mounting using special mounting brackets.

Line Russian infrared heaters Ikolayn a wide range of individual modules-heaters for heating small spaces to large industrial and office properties (IKO-04, ICO-06, ICO-07, ICO-08, ICA-10, ICA-13, ICA-15, Ikolayn-20, Ikolayn-30, etc.). Thermal regime in each individual room is controlled by thermostat maintains desired temperature in the most economical mode.


The physics of operation of infrared heaters:

The hot plate temperature of the infrared heater Ikolayn 200-300 0C. At this temperature 90% of the energy is converted into a stream of heat rays wavelength spectrum, divergent cone with the top 900 in the radiant plate. And only 10% goes to heating the air in contact with the heater. Heat rays heat the floor, walls and objects which in turn heats the air.



Russian infrared heaters can be installed in the ceiling that allows you to keep walls and floors free,

system infrared heating is 2-3 times cheaper convection, saving electricity up to 60%,

– quick room heating infrared heater compared with a conventional heating systems

accumulation of heat

– easy installation, environmental friendliness, fire safety,

modern design ceiling heaters blends well with any interior,

Russian infrared heaters have the automatic temperature control,

modular configuration,

Russian infrared heaters can also be mounted on the wall using special brackets

various colors,

– the temperature of the plate reaches 200-300 0C, which is below the ignition temperature of paper and wood. Such a heater is fireproof,

– at a temperature of 200-300 0C no factor “burning oxygen” in the room. The air remains fresh and clean.



heating Wabadsky buildings, industrial plants,

heating of warehouses, multi-storey warehouses with requirement compliance temperature range,

heating sports entertainment objects, covered tennis courts etc.

heating medical institutions,

heating of railway stations and airports, metro,

heating gas stations, car dealerships, car washes,

heating trade fair and exhibition halls, covered markets,

– heating administrative-office premises, banks, foyer of theatres, hotels, meeting rooms,

heating of posts of traffic police, utility facilities,

heating of private houses, cottages, garages, apartments, residential premises,

heating of religious cult objects, etc.


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