Rotational molding plastic products

Rotational molding plastic products.


Rotational molding technology of manufacturing of plastic (polymer) hollow products of various configurations and sizes.




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Rotational molding (rotational moulding) is a manufacturing technology of plastic (polymer) hollow products of various configurations and sizes.

Production process the rotational molding consists of several stages.

In the first stage polymer powder is loaded into a form-snap-in, reminiscent of a shell.

The second stage is forming. Form is placed in a furnace, where it is the rotation about the two axes. Form rotates at a speed of about 10-12 revolutions a minute. The polymer powder is heated, melted, homogenized and spread evenly over the walls of the mold. On the surface of the tooling forms a hot thin polymer coating, which is held by centrifugal forces and adhesion and in which there are no bubbles of air.

In the third stage of cooling (cool down) shape to room temperature. In the cooling process (cooling) form continues to rotate until complete solidification of the polymer.

In the fourth stage, the finished product is removed from the mold.

After which the production cycle is repeated again.

Method of rotational molding made plastic tanks, tanks, tanks, containers, toys, medical products, products for use in the home, industry, construction, agriculture and transport.



Rotational molding has advantages over other methods of manufacturing hollow products – injection molding and extrusion molding inflatable:

– ease of fabrication of complex, large products, as well as multilayer structures,

no waste,

– standardization of products. All products are made with the same wall thickness

the absence of internal stresses in manufactured products,

– simplicity of technology and equipment for production,


– possibility of production of several products in one production cycle,

the possibility of producing products with complex design and metal panels

– the ability to produce parts of complex shape with a possibility to change wall thickness without changing the shape,

– ability to suformuluoti metal parts.


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