Robotic lenses

Robotic lenses.

Technology is in the process of development!



Robotic lenses work from the natural electrical signals (electrical impulses) that occur in the eyeball of the person. They are controlled by the movement of the eyes or double blink.


Robotic lens:

Scientists have developed a prototype robotic lenses.

Robotic lenses work from natural electric signals (electric pulses) which occur in the eyeball of the person, even in complete darkness and when closed eyelids.

The lens is made of a special biocompatible polymerto which is connected the electrodes, performing the role of muscles. The other end of the electrodes connected to the muscles around the eyes.

Robotic lens controlled by the movement of the eyes or double blink. When you blink the lens receives the electric signal, whereby it changes its curvature, which affects the refractive index and the focusing, and the lens or zoom in the imageor reducing it.

Scientists believe that in the future the technology can be used in ophthalmic prostheses and spectacles, robotics, and control the lens remotely.


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