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Surface-underwater robotic complex “the Penguin”.



Surface-underwater robotic complex “the Penguin” is a small ship-a robot in a modular design with a power system that can move in different modes: in the mode of “gliding” in displacement mode and in the mode of diving.




The composition of the equipment




Surface-underwater robotic complex “the Penguin” is a small ship-a robot in a modular design with power unit consisting of a lithium-ion battery pack and two rowing electric motors, capable of moving in three different modes:

in planing on the water surface for a quick exit at a given point of the waters;
in displacement mode when execution of a given mission;
mode of diving for a detailed examination of underwater objects, chemical analysis of bottom waters, etc.

At surface water surface-underwater robotic complex”the Penguin” looks like an inverted surfboard, where the tail fin is not lowered into the water, and protrudes above it on 80 cm the Machine is moving at a speed of 12 knots — a little more than 20 km/h and can automatically dive to a depth of 500 m. the Autonomous working time to six hours.

Surface-underwater robotic complex “the Penguin” is equipped with a miniature sonar, sonar systems and complexes “Hydra”.



– versatility

full autonomy of work,

– ease of deployment

the possibility of massive use,

– a wide set of measured parameters,

modular construction.


The composition of the equipment:

the traffic control system (autopilot),

information-measuring system,

system of communication and information exchange with the control Center,

navigation system,

measure system buoyancy

egalitarian-differentional system

power supply system,

control and alarm subsystem.



the collection of hydrographic, bathymetric and other information

conducting hydroacoustic intelligence

search, detection, identification of bottom objects

use as a surface part of the wave glider,

quick and covert delivery of small of small unmanned underwater vehicles (AUV) in a given area.


Note: the description of technology on the example of a surface-the underwater robotic complex “the Penguin”.