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RFID-tag long-range.



RFID-tag long-range S-3D stable Tag reads on metal and other surfaces at a distance of 14 metres in ETSI region at frequencies from 865 MHz to 868 MHz.



Long-range RFID-tag S-Tag 3D



RFID-tag is a miniature devicethat implements RFID technology (eng. Radio Frequency IDentification, radio frequency identification), which through radio signals are read or written data.

RFID-tag consists of a transponder that stores various informationincluding the unique number, and the antennathrough which the label can transmit or receive data.

RFID tags can have a source of power (active RFID tags) may not have (passive RFID tags).

RFID tags have different range from a few centimeters to several meters.


Long-range RFID-tag S-Tag 3D:

RFID-tag long-range S-3D Tag – it RFID-tag band of ultrahigh-frequency (UHF), passive, has 128-bit EPC memory, is read steadily on metal and other surfaces at a distance of 14 metres in ETSI region at frequencies from 865 MHz to 868 MHz.

RFID-tag S-Tag 3D has a sturdy plastic case with ergonomic shape (10х2х1,3cm) provides a high level of protection of the integrated chip from adverse weather conditions and mechanical effects. There are 2 holes for attaching bolts or studs to the surface, and holes are provided for mounting the label clamps. The label design provides a wide distribution of RF signal as when using fixed readers, and when using portable hand held readers.

RFID-tag S-Tag 3D is designed for remote authentication medium and large-sized objects of different types of metal or metal liners in any businesses and industries, including transport containers, industrial equipment and storage facilities and logistics companies, aerospace and the automotive industry, the oil and gas industry.

The main advantage of this label compared with the counterparts in strength and increased range reader (up to 14 meters) on metal with a smaller size.


Note: the description of technology on the example of long-range RFID tags S-Tag 3D production company “Micron”.

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