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Randol ‘ is an alloy of copper (97%) with beryllium (0,5-3%), in appearance indistinguishable from gold.






Randol ‘ is an alloy of copper (Cu) (97%) with beryllium (Be) (0,5-3%) with different additives of other metals (Nickel, chrome, magnesium). This alloy is also known as beryllium bronze and “Gypsy gold”. In appearance similar and indistinguishable from gold.

Randol ‘ is used for the manufacture of mechanical tools which can be used safely in an environment containing explosive gases, for the manufacture of jewelry in order to imitate gold, for the manufacture of springs, spring wire, torque sensors, and other design elements that should maintain its shape over periods of cyclic compression and tension, for the manufacture of aerospace instruments and so on.



– in color and Shine similar to gold

high strength (not yield many varieties of steel),

– no magnetic,

no sparking when shocks,

– perfectly amenable to machining, and welding,

is not harmful to health. However, inhalation of dust and vapors of the alloys may cause adverse effects

– does not age. Over time it becomes more durable in contrast to other alloys,

resistant to heat

– plastic,

high corrosion resistance,

good elektroprovodnosti (slightly inferior to copper),

good thermal conductivity,

– small plastic deformation.