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Modern radiation-resistant chips for use in space.



Radiation-resistant chips designed for use in the most harsh conditions of outer space.



Description microprocessor Sputnik




Radiation-resistant chips are presented in the form of a kit that includes 5 products: microprocessor Sputnik, the multiplexer (allows you to collect signals from dozens of sensors and to transmit them further to the ADC) and three types of analog-to-digital Converter: 14-, 12 – and 10-bit.



The whole set of special microelectronics meets the requirements of the Federal space Agency of resistance to the effects of space factors. This allows you to use it as in near-earth orbits and for interplanetary expeditions.

The chip can be used both as a set or separately.


Description microprocessor Sputnik:

Is designed to build specialized equipment, including instrumentation and telemetry systems and spacecraft.



– radiation-hardened, fault-tolerant,

– possibility of operation in the most harsh conditions of outer space

– creation of systems of management of space devices compatible with international standards CCSDS,

reduced overall size and power consumption equipment control and measuring systems, telemetry service systems of the spacecraft 4-5 times.


Note: the description of technology for example the microprocessor Sputnik and other chips.