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Quantum computation.




Quantum computing is an alternative to the classical algorithms based on quantum physics. Quantum computation are implemented on quantum computers.

Quantum computations operate in a fundamentally different way than calculations on modern computers. A classical computer uses bits to handle information, where each bit represents a one or a zero. In contrast, the qubit (quantum bit) can represent a “one”, “zero” or from both. This property is called “superposition” and it, along with other quantum effects allows quantum computers to perform some calculations much faster than is possible with classical computers.

A quantum computer would represent one of the greatest milestones in the history of information technology and will allow us to solve problems that are never solved, or can never be solved with the help of modern classical computers.

Currently, several companies offer cloud services for quantum computing. For example, IBM and D-Wave. Access to them can get anyone from your computer or mobile device. It is enough to register or request access.

Quantum Leap platform Application Environment of the company D-Wave.

The Quantum IBM Experience IBM. Press release IBM. To work with the platform you need to request access.


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