Quadcopter freight and other 3 30 kg price to buy your hands

Quadcopter for transportation of goods, rescue and other purposes.



The quadcopter allows to carry out search and rescue operations in difficult areas and to transport cargo in automatic mode with high speed with a predefined trajectory and also to monitor areas.



The principle of operation of the quadrocopter




Modern quadcopter (quadcopter) is a pilotless aircraft, controlled via smartphone or remote. Part of screws it rotates counterclockwise and the other clockwise. Due to this, the quadracopter does not require a tail rotor.

The cargo drone is equipped with a powerful engine and is extremely rugged. Designed for regular automated cargo delivery for rescue operations.

The real capacity of small models can reach up to 5 kg, including the weight survey equipment. Special models for the transport of goods up to 200 kg have large dimensions and powerful motorsand a large supply of batteries.

You need to keep in mind that a compact device is difficult to transport bulky loads, as it will create windage that can cause the loss of stability of the quadcopter.

The quadcopter has a class, which is indicated by the figure is the distance diagonally from one motor to the other. The quadracopter can have the following classes: 250; 350; 450; 550; 700; 800 and more. They can be divided into the following types: small game; for aerial photo and video; for transportation; for rescue operations.

A quadcopter has the following features, which need to pay attention to when choosing:

The time of flight. It depends on the type and size of battery. You can buy several extra batteries to change them without spending time to recharge;

Camera. There are the quadcopters with a built-in camera and those who need self-installing camera in the body of the drone;

A cardan suspension with 3 axles. A device that keeps the camera aligned, by turning around it. A cardan suspension gyrostabilizer movement in 3 axes: pitch, roll and yaw. This helps to maintain stable footage throughout the flight, regardless of the direction and inclination of the drone;

The return home. This functionality is useful in situations when the device is lost sight of. It will help to return the quadcopter to the base;

Spare parts. Sometimes even a slight accident can require replacement of the propellers, engine, camera, or landing gear (chassis). You need to choose a model that has a large number of available spare parts.

For quadcopters the following abbreviations are used:

– RTF – ready to fly (Ready to fly). This means that the model comes with everything you need to send it in flight for several minutes after opening the package (if rechargeable batteries are charged);

– ARF – almost ready to fly (Almost Ready to Fly). This type of device is suitable for people who love to create and design. Drone category ARF comes not whole and requires requires the Assembly to make it ready to fly;

– BNF – bind and fly (Bind-N-Fly). This drone must bind to the remote control, which is not supplied. Products BNF coming with all accessories, except the transmitter. With models such as the BNF, you can use any transmitter on the selection and associate it with the receiver that comes with the model;

– FPV – first-person (First person View). Indicates that the set includes a camera and transmitter that allows you to transfer video image from the camera directly to the pilot on the screen of the instrument, an additional monitor or glasses.


The principle of operation of the quadcopter:

With a simultaneous acceleration of all screws of the apparatus rises. For movement in the direction, the speed of rotation of the propellers on one side slows down and increases on the other. By reducing the speed of rotation counterclockwise clockwise acceleration of the rotation of the drone.



overcoming obstacles in a variety of buildings and power lines;

high speed courier delivery;

– automated monitoring and protection of the territory from a great height;

safe conduct search and rescue operations in inaccessible areas;

– get unique shots of nature or objects from different angles and different heights at a safe distance. The opportunity to see places where man can never go,

automated transport of goods on a predetermined route.