Pysakointialue alloys – alloys that contain at least 5 elements

Pysakointialue alloys.




Pysakointialue alloys – alloys that contain at least 5 elements, and the quantity of each should not exceed 35 at % and not should be less than 5 at. %. To them, as a rule, are alloyswhich have the basic elements (Fe, Ni, Mo, Al, etc.) that define the crystal lattice of the material.

Pysakointialue alloys placed in a separate group, as the processes of structure and phase formation and diffusion mobility of atoms, the mechanism of formation of mechanical properties and thermal stability are substantially different from similar processes in traditional alloys.

Developed a unique vysokopetrovsky alloy СоCrFeNiMn with the addition of carbon 1%. This alloy is very ductile and malleable even at very low temperatures where “normal” metals become extremely fragile and brittle. The addition of carbon 1% and processing of the alloy in a special way makes it durable.