Protected cable brand Kppbp-130

Protected cable brand Kppbp-130.



Protected cable brand Kppbp-130 refers to sirsasana cables and is designed to operate in extremely harsh conditions.






Protected cable brand Kppbp-130 refers to sirsasana cables.

It has an insulation of heat-resistant block copolymer and a sheath of PTFE on each of conductors (all three lived). The PTFE is applied to the insulated conductive core (EC) by extrusion. Thanks to this hermetic Teflon sheath protects the insulation of the cable against the penetration of the reservoir fluid and reduces the exposure to high temperatures and corrosive environments.

Cable brand Kppbp-130 is designed for use in extremely harsh conditions.



– withstands high temperatures,

withstands high hydrostatic pressure,

– withstands extreme temperatures (from extremely low to + 130 ° C) and pressure

withstand load (under pressure) to 16 tons,

– withstands products , oil and corrosive media (for example, formation of liquid used in the extraction of oil),

withstands tensile loads

– has a high resistance to swelling and cracking during operation,

withstands voltage up to 18 kV.


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