Periodic table of future technologies

Periodic table of the technologies of the future.



British scientists analysts division of Imperial Tech Foresight at Imperial College London developed the periodic table of technologies of the future, consisting of 100 elements that exist right now, will be in the near or distant future, and the technology “beyond reality”.






British scientists analysts division of Imperial Tech Foresight at Imperial College London developed the periodic table of future technologies, like the periodic table of chemical elements of D. A. Mendeleev.

Although the authors table named as “table of breakthrough technologies”, “dashboard of the 100 wonderful, weird (and possibly disturbing) way of changing the world for the foreseeable future.”

All the technologies built in a certain way: horizontally along the time axis technologies (from implementation in a short time to implement in the distant future) and vertically along the axis of the potential socio-economic breakthrough technologies (from low to high).

Get a table of 10 by 10. It contains 100 elements – technologies of the future.

All technologies are divided into 4 groups and marked with different color:

1. green items – technology and innovation that exist right now. For example, cryptocurrencies, robomobile, robots, couriers, marine wind generators, smart diapers,etc.

2. yellow – experimental designs, which will appear in the near future (10-20 years). For example, air, wind turbines, Autonomous passenger aircraft, 3D printing food, drugs,etc.

3. red – research, the results of which will be realized not earlier than in 20 years. For example, thermonuclear energy, bioplastics, colonization of planets, shields, stealth, etc.

4. grey – “Ghost technology”, research and technology “beyond reality”. You can define them as extremely unlikely, but not impossible. They should watch and pay attention. For example, the space Elevator, telepathy, mining on asteroids.

In addition, all the technology is divided in the discretion of the authors table to 5 broad topics:

ecosystem data
smart planet
extreme automation
improvement of the person
human-machine interaction.

Every element of technology is the name of its acronym. For example, We – Wireless energy transfer (from English. – “Besprovodnaya energy transfer”).

In the right part of the table provides a list of organizations that conduct research, introduce, implement or use information technology.



The following excerpt from the Periodic table of the technologies of the future (the left side).

View the entire table, You can by clicking on the link to the source.

Or to see a list of future technologies on Russian and English language.


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