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Environmentally friendly and durable bags Kraft paper.



Packages of Kraft paper is sturdy and environmentally friendly bags, made of high-strength wrapping paper. They are characterized by a long period of use, not wet, does not absorb moisture. Packages of Kraft paper leak air. They can be used for long-term storage of food and non-food products, and package sterile medical instruments and materials.




Packages of Kraft paper are used

Advantages of the Kraft packages for sterilization over other types of packaging



Packages of Kraft paper is an inexpensive, sturdy and environmentally safe packages, made of high-strength wrapping paper from slabovrajennoe long-fibre sulphate pulp, which is made from wood in the sulphate process of cooking, also known as Kraft process.



Packages of Kraft paper can be divided into the following types:

– color:

mostly brown and white;

other colors and patterns;

the handles:

with flat handles;

with twisted handles;

without handles;

the bottom:

with a rectangular bottom;

with a V-shaped bottom;

by types of products:

under coal, briquettes and fillers;

valve closed under cement, gypsum, dry construction blends, chemical products;

under tea and coffee;

under the bread and pastries;

for small packaging for dried fruits, candied fruits, nuts.



– high strength parameters and stiffness;

water resistance. Packages of Kraft paper have the ability to absorb moisture;

packages of Kraft paper leak air;

take the form of product to be Packed;

– convenient storage. Folded they take up little space;

cheap material;

packages of Kraft paper is easily recycled and disposed of;

eco-friendly material;

– the possibility of recycling;

for a long period of use.


Packages of Kraft paper is used:

for packaging of food products;

for packing of construction materials and substances;

for packaging of feed for animals;

for sterilization of medical instruments.


Advantages of the Kraft packages for sterilization over other types of packages:

– due to the special composition of the paper packages from Kraft-the paper is not wet, which is a significant advantage in the processing steam;

high strength, guarantee the integrity and preservation of sterility of the inside;

– easy sealing of the package eliminates the need for special equipment;

the air penetrates the package, and the content adapts to the surrounding conditions of humidity and temperature;

– Kraft-pack for sterilization can withstand high temperatures up to 180 C without loss of strength;

the indicator components makes it possible to control the sterility of the contents;

– variety of sizes allows you to pack any tool or material with the optimization of the space inside the package;

tightly Packed package able to maintain the asepsis sterilized material to 60 days, depending on the manufacturer, the number of layers of Kraft paper and the method of bonding the package.


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