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Ohm – unit of electrical resistance in the International system of units (SI). Has the Russian symbol and international code – Ω.


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Ω as unit of measure:

Ohm – unit of electrical resistance in the International system of units (SI), named after German scientist Georg Simon Ohm.

Ohm as the unit of measurement is the Russian designation and international code – Ω.

Ohms is equal to electrical resistance of the conductorbetween whose ends there is a voltage of 1 V at a DC current of 1 ampere.

1 Ohm is an electrical resistance between two points of a conductorwhen a constant potential difference of 1 volt, applied to these points, giving the conductor a current of 1 ampere, and the conductor is not valid any electromotive force.

Om = (kg · m2) / (A2· S3) = B / A.

1 Ohm = (1 kg · 1 m2) / (1 A2· 1 S3) = 1 V / 1 A.

In the International system of units ohms introduced by the decision of the XI General conference on weights and measures in 1960, simultaneously with the adoption of the SI as a whole. In accordance with the rules SI, and relating the derived units are named for scientists, the name of the unit “Ohm” spelled with a lowercase letter and its name — with a capital (Ohms). Such writing of the designation is stored in the symbols for derived units formed by using Ohm.

Unit, reverse WMD is Siemens — unit of electrical conductivity in SI.


The application of Ohm:

Ohms measure electrical resistance in the conductors.


View Ohm other units – of the formula:

Through the basic and derived SI units of Ohm is expressed in the following way:

Om = (kg · m2) / (A2· S3)

Ohm = V / A

Ω = B2 / W

Ω = W / A2

Ω = 1 / Cm

where A is amperes, In volts, m – meter, s – second W – watt, kg – kilogram, Cm – Siemens.


Multiple and sub-multiple units Ohm’s:

Multiple and sub-multiple units are formed using standard prefixes of the SI.

Multiple Dolny
value name marking value name marking
101 Om decom Dom daΩ 10-1 Ohm decim house DW
102 Om geektool GoM HW 10-2 Ohms santiam som
103 Ohm kilo Ohm kom 10-3 Ω milliohm IOM
106 Ohm Megohm IOM 10-6 Ohm microhm μω µΩ
109 Ohms gigaom GoM 10-9 Ohms nanoom Mr.
1012 Ohm teraom Tom 10-12 Ohms pikom POM
1015 Ohm petom POM 10-15 Ohms famroom FOM
1018 Ohms exam The PDE NONLINEAR 10-18 Ohms atoom AOM
1021 Ohm setteam Zoom 10-21 Ohm septum zoom
1024 Ohm ottom IOM 10-24 Om maktoom IOM


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