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Nitinol is an alloy of titanium and Nickel having a high corrosion and erosion resistance and shape memory effect.







Nitinol – (eng. nitinol, from the English. nickel – Nickel, eng. titanium – Titan, English). the alloy of titanium and Nickel having a high corrosion and erosion resistance as well as the shape memory effect. The chemical formula of the alloy – TiNi. The alloy contains 45 % titanium and 55 % Nickel. Also, this alloy is called nickelide titanium.

The essence of the shape memory effect is as follows. The product of complex shape is initially subjected to heating to red heat. In this state it “remembers” that shape. Further, after cooling to room temperature, the product can be repeatedly deformed. When heated to temperature above 40 With (the activation temperature of nitinol), the product “remembers” its shape and restores it.



– memorization of the form and restore the original state,

high biocompatibility with tissues of the body,

– high corrosion resistance,

high erosion resistance,

10 any other elastic metal,

high strength,

– absorption of vibrations

permissible strain up to 8%,

permissible tensile – up to 12%,

internal voltage when the restoration reaches up to 800 MPA.



medicine, dentistry,

production of sensors,

space industry,


the oil and gas industry,

light industry

and so on.