New pavement – serverfilepath

New pavement – serverfilepath.



Wide introduction in practice of building a progressive organic sulfur-containing materials – servervalidation higher, compared to traditional, physical-mechanical properties (wear resistance, etc.) for lesser or equal value. Used during road works at lower temperatures (-20 °C). Increases turnaround time roads up to 5-7 years with considerable economic benefit for the road construction.




Physico-mechanical properties of servervalidation

Technological properties of servervalidation

The efficiency of servervalidation



New pavement – serverfilepath is a specially selected blend of sand, crushed stone (gravel), mineral powder, modified sulphur and bitumen, taken in certain proportions and mixed in the mixing units enforcement action in the hot state at a temperature of from 140 °C to 155 °C.

Thus in the preparation of servervalidation up to 30% of bitumen is replaced by expensive cheap modified sulfur. The composition of the binder in%: bitumen – 70-75 %, modified sulfur “Solvotex-AB” – 20-30 %.

Modified sulfur significantly alters the physical characteristics of concrete and asphalt mixes.



– improving the quality of the road surface by increasing wear and corrosion resistance in the application of sulfur-asphalt mixes,

reducing the cost of the road surface due to the partial substitution of expensive bituminous binder modified cheaper gray

– reduced the influence of seasonal factor in the paving due to the possibility of carrying out road works at lower temperatures (-20 °C) than when using asphalt mixtures,

the increase in maintenance periods of the automobile roads to 5-7 years with considerable economic benefit for road construction,

– the widespread introduction in practice of building a progressive organic sulfur-containing materials having a higher compared to traditional, physical-mechanical properties at a lower or equal value

servervalidation compounds provide a reduction in the technological temperature of production, transportation, laying and compaction of the working mixtures

– increasing of durability of road surfaces, including under the influence of studded tires

improving the corrosion resistance of road surfaces under the action of deicing agents used during winter maintenance of road structures

– new pavement – serverfilepath does not crack at low temperatures and does not soften in hot weather,

serverfilepath can be laid almost all year round.


Physico-mechanical properties of servervalidation:

Indicators Cast asphalt
THAT 400-24-258-89
Cast serverfilepath
THAT 5718-002-536375 04
Average density, kg/cu. m. 2395 2443
The porosity of the mineral skeleton % of the volume 21 18
Water saturation, % 0,3 0,17
Tensile strength at compression, MPa, at 20 0C Of 2.74 4,3
Tensile strength at compression, MPa, at 50 0C 0,71 3,75
Tensile strength at compression, MPa, at 0 0C 7,39 9,3
Ultimate strength in shear, MPa 0,95 3,45
The tensile strength at the split, MPa 1,79 3,95


Technological properties of servervalidation:

Parameters: Cast asphalt
Cast serverfilepath
Manufacture temperature 200-220 0C Reduced 140-160 0C
Apply the bitumen BND 40/60 BND 40/60, BND 60/90
BND 90/130
The content of the binder component in the mixture 9,5-11% 9,5-11%
The mobility of the mixture Not less than 0.3,
traffic safety is not ensured
traffic safety is assured without powder gravel
Performance properties Plastic deformation: tread marks, shifts, flows, tracks, etc. Thermal and sdvigologija at any operating temperature
Environmental safety The emission of organic compounds, bitumen, characterized by carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic properties Environmentally friendly while maintaining the temperature of mixture preparation. At temperatures up to 160 0C the emission of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide is absent
The combination with advanced technologies Cannot be used with technologies such as “Sulrry al Se”, “Se al Micro”, “Microsirfacirig”, etc. Combined with any technologies
The coefficient of friction Required powder gravel Provided


The efficiency of servervalidation:

Name of the indicator Asphalt Serverfilepath Performance indicator
Seal up to 100 0C 50 0C The decrease in temperature of the seal reduces the duration of the work, improves the quality of work and pavement
Reducing the number of passes for compaction The time savings technology energy savings,
the reduction in labor costs,
increase productivity
Equipment necessary to perform the work

The same

The absence of cost of acquisition and organization of technological process of construction of pavement
Operation of the road No earlier than 24-48 hours To achieve the ambient temperature Reducing the transport intensity of highways during the construction works
Temperature mode works +5 0C,
seasonality of performance of works
to -20 0C, the increase in seasonal work period Employment of staff road-repair and construction organizations.
Eliminate staff turnover. Stabilization of activity of the enterprises of the construction industry