Neodymium laser

Neodymium laser.



Neodymium laser – type solid-state laser emitter, an active environment which alyumoittrievy garnet crystal doped with neodymium ions.


Neodymium laser:

The neodymium laser is the most popular type of solid-state laser emitter, the active medium of which the crystal alyumoittrievy garnet (“YAG”, Y3Al5O12) doped with neodymium ions of the Nd:YAG.

A distinctive feature of this laser is considered power and a significant length of the light wave (1.06 microns or 1,064 nm).

The duration of the pulse of a neodymium laser can vary from a few nanoseconds to 250 µs.

With the help of a neodymium laser provides wavelength shorter (twice, three times and more), thanks to the power of momentum.

It is used for processing materials, in medicine (cosmetology), laser ranging, military and scientific purposes.


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