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Neionizirovanny water.




Properties and functions neionizirovannuu water



Neionizirovanny water is strongly alkaline electrolysis water with the maximization of the concentration of hydrogen ions (pH of 12.5) and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP: -900 mV).

Its characteristics neionizirovanny water similar to the living water.

Neionizirovanny water is obtained by a special electrolytic method from ordinary water, which can be used tap water, water from the pond or from the well.

Molecules of water are collected in clusters consisting of from 12 to 15 H2O molecules, whereas clusters neionizirovannuu water consists of fewer molecules 2-6. This affects the penetrating neionizirovannuu water. The cluster size anonsirovana water is comparable (less than or equal to) the size (diameter) of the tubular cells of the human body on which water molecules and other nutritional substances penetrate inside. Causing the body is not spending energy on fetching water inside each cell. The consumption of normal water the body must expend energy to defragment and reduce the size of the cluster of water molecules.

Neionizirovanny the water is stored in closed containers up to 1 year in the clear – no more than 1-2 days.


Properties and functions neionizirovannuu water:

Properties and functions neionizirovannuu water due to its oksilitelno-reduction potential, pH and the cluster size of water molecules.

Such water:

– has a high cleaning capacity

removes unpleasant smell

– almost instantly destroys various fungi and bacteria. It is established that bacteria do not live and quickly (within half a minute – minute) collapse and die in a highly alkaline environment

removes static electricity,

– has a beneficial effect on the health of humans and animals

inhibits corrosion of materials. Tests showed that steel immersed in neionizirovannuu water, do not corrode and does not rust. After drying, the steel this effect lasts from several days to several weeks

– cleans the surface and of products from hard-to-reach dirt, rust, stains (including vegetable origin), oils, cutting oils, paints, etc. Is simple, convenient and cheap analogue ultrasonic cleaning products

cleans and sterilizes equipment, parts, finished products and products

– cleans the flue gases from harmful contaminants and impurities.