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Mobile container prefabricated brand Mobil-Box assembled and disassembled no more than 1 hour, have a small weight.



Prefabricated metal mobile containers Mobil-Box are lightweight, reinforced construction that allows you to have up to 4 containers in height. Assembling (disassembling) the container is not more than 1 hour. Are full replacement necessary, the construction of a huge warehouse.





Technical characteristics of the containers Mobil-Box

Warehouses Mobil-Box container

Advantages of warehouse complexes



Mobil-Box – prefabricated metal mobile containers. Time of Assembly and disassembly – no more than 1 hour.

The range of Mobil-Box is represented by 4 models of containers (container length varies from 2 to 5 meters).

Sheet metal container is made of corrugated galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.75 mm, are the sides and top of the container are mated together in such a way that the deformation, as a separate plane, and the container as a whole, is practically impossible. If you wish to obtain maximum reliability or if you are using containers in several tiers within the mobile containers of the Mobil-Box can be installed additional frame rigidity.

In order to quickly replace the bottom (floor) of the container consists of wooden boards, impregnated with a special compound that protects against external factors and provides high performance properties.

Connecting elements coated with powder paintto provide corrosion resistance and environmental safety.

The versatility of transport and a wide range of applications determines the economic efficiency of the use of containers of Mobil-Box. It is possible to carry out the principle of transportation of “door to door”, which eliminates the extra steps of loading and unloading of the container and preserves the integrity and confidentiality of the contents.



– fast Assembly. Assembly time less than 1 hour, which helps to significantly facilitate and reduce the cost of construction, commissioning, transportation and many other operations

fast disassembly – the ability to make out the design within hours and transported to the desired location,

– light weight and compactness of the parts of the container, which also facilitates their transportation,

mobile containers of Mobil-Box feature heavy-duty construction that allows you to have up to 4 containers in height,

– high degree of integrity – effective content protection modular storage from adverse weather factors (moisture, rain and dust),

safety – steel mobile container is equipped with locks with tamper-resistant device,

– convenient loading and unloading content storage module is equipped with double wing door, which makes it possible to easily perform material handling,

kitting of accessories with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of storage – shelves, brackets, hooks,etc.,

– replacing the construction of a huge warehouse.









Technical characteristics of the containers Mobil-Box:

Settings Mobil-Box-2M Mobil-Box-3M Mobil-Box-4M Mobil-Box-5M
Dimensions, mm 2100х2000х2000 2900х2000х2000 3900х2000х2000 4900х2000х2000
Load, kg 1500 2000 3000 4000
Area, m2 4,2 5,8 7,8 9,8
Volume, m3 8,4 11,6 15,6 19,6


Warehouses Mobil-Box container:

Warehouses Mobil-Box is the ideal temporary storage, which easily turns into a unit for transportation.


Advantages of warehouses:

– mobility. For example, upon termination of the contract of lease of a land plot, or if you just want to move you almost do not bear financial losses in the logistics and refocusing of all threads

practicality. This warehouse is divided into compartments, which are needed depending on the specific activity, and occupies a small area, as prefabricated metal mobile containers of the Mobil-Box can be placed in tiers, placing the containers one upon the other.

– the economy. Not broken technological chains and organizational processes,

efficiency. Mobile warehouses are much more efficient and more attractive is. They are compact, functional, and look organically in the center of the city, and on construction or industrial site,

– speed. A separate module or modules can be delivered at any place.


Note: the description of technology for example mobile containers Mobil-Box.


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