Missile detonation engine working principle, latest news

Detonation engine.

Technology is in the process of development!



Detonation engine is more simple and cheaper to manufacture, much more powerful and cheaper than conventional jet engine, in comparison with it has higher efficiency.






Detonation engine (pulse, pulse engine) is to replace conventional jet engine. To understand the essence detonation engine it is necessary to disassemble conventional jet engine.

Conventional jet engine is arranged as follows.

In the combustion chamber the combustion of fuel and oxidant, which is oxygen from the air. The pressure in the combustion chamber continuously. The combustion process dramatically increases the temperature, creates constant flaming front and a constant jet thrust emanating from the nozzle. The normal flame front propagates in a gaseous environment at a speed of 60-100 m/sec. Due to this and the movement of the aircraft. However, modern jet engines reached a certain limit, the efficiency, capacity and other characteristics, the increase of which is practically impossible or extremely difficult.

Detonation (pulse or pulsed) engine combustion occurs by the detonation. Detonation is a combustion process, but which occurs hundreds of times faster than conventional fuel combustion. When detonation is formed a detonation shock wave, the carrier at supersonic speed. It is about 2500 m/sec. Pressure as a result of detonation combustion is increasing rapidly, and the volume of the combustion chamber remains unchanged. The products of combustion escape with great speed through the nozzle. The frequency of pulsation of the detonation wave reaches a few thousand per second. In the detonation wave there is no stabilization of the flame front at each pulsation updated fuel mixture and the wave starts again.

The pressure in the detonation engine is created by the detonation, which eliminates the flow of fuel mixture and oxidant at high pressure. In a conventional jet engine to create thrust pressure of 200 ATM., you must submit the fuel mixture under pressure 500 ATM. While the detonation of the engine – the pressure of the fuel mixture is 10 ATM.

Combustion chamber the detonation engine is structurally a circular shape with nozzle, placed in its radius to supply fuel. The detonation wave runs through the circle again and again, the fuel mixture is compressed and burned, pushing out the combustion products through the nozzle.



– detonation engine is more simple to manufacture. There is no need to use pump turbines

in order more powerful and more economical than the conventional jet engine

– has a high efficiency,

cheaper to manufacture

– no need to create a high pressure mixture of fuel and oxidizer, high pressure created by the detonation,

detonation engine exceeds that of conventional jet engine 10 times the power produced per unit volume, which reduces design detonation engine

– detonation combustion 100 times faster than conventional combustion.


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