Mining on asteroids

Mining on asteroids.

Technology is in the process of development!



Given that the mineral reserves on Earth are not limitless, the potential development in this field of asteroids is of great interest.


Minerals that can be mined on asteroids

Methods of mining minerals on asteroids


Minerals that can be mined on asteroids:

The gifts of the Earth – one of the most important resources for mankind. Production and development fields Dating back hundreds of years, but when you increase the number of people on the planet they need more and more. Given that the mineral reserves are not limitless, the potential development in this field of asteroids is of great interest.

From the data obtained by scientists today, it is known that small celestial bodies (comets and asteroids) contain metals, of rocks, gases and large quantities of drinking water in the form of the ice masses. And if the past is a significant shortage on the Earth no additional production of other minerals in a few years will become a necessity.

Among the metals present in asteroids, the most common are iron, titanium and Nickel. Content others below, but they are also important for the industry. This:








rhenium and other.

Include asteroids and a variety of volatile substances (ammonia, methane) and is very important for the rocket industry hydrogen.


Methods of mining minerals on asteroids:

However, to start the development in space is more difficult than on the surface of the planet, so at the forefront of the cost thus obtained resources. In order for the payback and profitability of such developments have not led to the exorbitant cost of the produced substances, you must consider several factors:

1. The choice of asteroid. The most promising are the heavenly bodies, located in the vicinity of the Earth. This is reflected in the shipping cost of resources on the planet and allows you to get not only the minerals but also the building material for the creation of near-earth objects.

2. The choice of fossil. Each substance requires certain equipment and skills for its production, and calculate in advance the cost of these factors are difficult if you don’t know how much metal or gases can be obtained in the end. Therefore, these calculations are approximate, but the basis for them lies in finding the potential markets and assessment of potential profits.
3. The choice of method of production. It includes 3 possible options:

– the mining and shipping it to Earth for further processing;

– processing directly on the production site and transportation to the planet is ready substances;

– moves the selected for the development of a celestial body closer to the Ground and placing in orbit between the earth and its main satellite, where the delivery of minerals will be cheaper due to the reduced distance.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and its selection is based on the fossil intended for production, its volume and distance of the object from Earth’s orbit. Today, scientists counted about 12 thousand of asteroids, are subject to potential development, and 12 of them can start to settle now.


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