Milling machining centers

Milling machining centers for machining parts of different complexity.



Description milling machining centers with a rotary table:

For expansion of technological possibilities of milling machining centers can be equipped with additional rotary tables with 4th or 4th/5th axes.



milling machining centers have full casted base frame made of high quality cast iron that ensures high rigidity;

the vibration control system protects the spindle from overload;

– the headstock is equipped with cooling system with temperature control;

store in 30, 40, 50, 60, 90 tools can be installed as an option;

– universal milling head mod. M with manual positioning in two axes in the basic equipment;

universal milling head mod. A2 (automatic 2 positions: horizontal and vertical, the rest are manual) and modes. A4 144х144 positions (automatic positioning in two axes every 2.5°) allow you to automatically change the tool from a store in both horizontal and vertical position of the milling heads.




Technical characteristics of the model РТ1000:

The size of the table 1200х1400/1400х1800 mm
Maximum permissible load on the table 8000 kg
Spindle taper ISO50 7:24
Ranges of the spindle rotation Jan.00 rpm
Main motor power 28/38 kW
Longitudinal travel X-axis 2500 (3000)/3000(4000) mm
The movement of the slide, the Y-axis 1000/1250 mm
Vertical travel, Z-axis 1450 (1850) mm
The rotation of the table 360°/0,001 grad
Accelerated movement X, Y, Z 12000 (X/Y)/10000 (Z) mm/min
Rapids B 6 rpm
Positioning accuracy X, Y, Z ±0,005 mm
Positioning accuracy B ±2’ mm
Repeatability X, Y, Z ±0,0025 mm
The Frequency Of Occurrence Of B ±2’ mm
Dimensions and weight
Length 6960/7160 mm
Width 6830/7320 mm
Height 3945 (4450) mm
Weight of the machine 33600/39600 kg


Note: the description of technology a model of РТ1000.