Microdisplays based on organic light-emitting diodes to buy

Domestic microdisplays based on organic light-emitting diodes.



Microdisplays based on organic light-emitting diodes are an alternative to LCD flat-panel devices.




Component parts




Currently produced microdisplay based on organic light emitting diodes (OLED) with a resolution of 800×600 pixels:

– full color MDO 01 PTS,

black (white) MDO 01 MB.

Unlike other LCD screens , microdisplay based on organic light-emitting diodes is almost not affected by vibration.

Today they can be used as an alternative liquid crystal flat panel devices.



– play alphanumeric and graphical information in the individual means of the display of informationsuch as head-mounted or helmet-mounted sensor units,

virtual reality glasses,

device visualization and third photo – and video cameras, thermal imaging cameras.



a light – emitting matrix,

– base.



Features: Value:
The number of display elements:
full-color micro-display 800×600 (×3)
monochrome (white) micro-display 800×600
The maximum brightness in white color (at temperature 25±10°C) CD/m2:
full-color micro-display at least 70
monochrome (white) micro-display at least 150
The unevenness of brightness, % not more than 15
Contrast (native brightness contrast) at least 100:1
The number of gradations of brightness (gray levels) 256
Current consumption bus-power, mA 130
Supply voltage for analog and logic parts of the control circuit (control signals and serial interface), In 3,3
The supply voltage of the light-emitting matrix In 4
The voltage on the common electrode, -3
Voltage input and output signals for inputs and outputs R, G, B, 0…0,7
Voltage input and output via the monochrome input and output, In 0…1
The step of display elements, m 15
The size of the display area, mm not more than 12 × 9,0
Overall dimensions, mm no more of 19.78 × 15,2 ×5,0
Operating temperature range, °C minus 40…plus 55
The limit temperature range, °C minus 60 plus 70…