Metallic Wallpaper

Metallized Wallpaper.



Metallic Wallpaper is an exclusive finishing material. The front surface is performed from a thin (about 0.0016 inch mm) aluminum foil, base – paper, vinyl or fabric.




Some of the features of metallic Wallpaper



Metallic or metallic Wallpaper is an exclusive finishing material, which allows the designer to create a refined and unique interior, to implement an individual peculiarity and the originality of design decisions. Metallic Wallpapers are a novelty in modern interior decoration. With this unique material became possible to be stylistically exceptional and the unusual variants of realization of design vision. They can be used for decoration of restaurants, bars, night clubs, and to create in the house an atmosphere of luxury, elegance or, on the contrary, just unobtrusive and at the same time unique comfort. In General, the metallic wall coverings blend harmoniously with different types of finishes and fit into any style. It is a versatile material that allows you to add your flavor to create any style of interior from classic and Empire styles to the forefront: for example, to create an interior in style hi-tech, experts believe that it is simply irreplaceable.

Its metallic appearance Wallpaper owe to the wide spread in daily life sources of electromagnetic radiation and the human desire to protect itself from their harmful effects. One way of such protection was aluminum foil, played in an unusual role of the assistant in interior design.

Metallic Wallpaper organically combine the properties functional and aesthetic.

Metallic leaf Wallpaper – double layer material. The front surface is performed from a thin (about 0.0016 inch mm) aluminum foil, base – from paper, vinyl or fabric. Interlining is considered a more reliable basis, and therefore more preferable. In order to reduce the electrical conductivity of the metal and to protect it from corrosion, foil artificially oxidized or coated with a specialized tonic translucent dye. Next on leaf Wallpaper in a variety of ways to apply textured coating. To do this, use a variety of techniques: stamping, patina, blackening, hand-painted, chemical etching. Additionally, in addition to standard canvases with patterns and lines, are made innovative options with 3D print.

Also paintings are distinguished by the production technology, this leads to the following classification.

Metallized Wallpapers are divided into:

– brilliantly imprinted or even embossed to simulate the mirror surface,

– Matt embossed or plain embossed with palestianian,

– mirror or matte pattern,

– non-shiny.

Since foil is an excellent conductor of current, for safety, before installation of the metalized cloth need to disconnect electricity, to dry surfaces.



– long operational period. Due to resistance to ultraviolet rays, they do not wear out over time, not fade in the sun, do not fade, retaining their quality for over 10 years. Besides this kind of helper in additional insulation by reflecting heat waves

– the moisture. Aluminum coating is easily repels water. This allows the use of metallic wall covering in premises with damp air and easy to clean this type of Wallpaper with dampened cloth. Additionally it should be said that the periodic wet cleaning and the subsequent wiping of the surface of the metallic Wallpaper a soft cloth more and significantly updates the appearance of the decorative surface, polishing it,

– metallic Wallpaper reflect electromagnetic radiation, including neutralizing the effects of radiation in close proximity to the premises power lines and other electrical installations, thereby allowing to protect the human body from the penetration of this radiation from the outside. However, possessing these properties, metallic Wallpaper do not change the indicators of the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth,

– the ability to visually increase the size of the room. Since the metallic wall has a shiny surface, they are visually expand the space. This is very important when decorating small spaces. The large space becomes visually more spacious and airy.

– spectacular appearance. The aesthetic potential of the metallic Wallpaper is just wonderful. In addition, to the metallized fabric characterized by a huge stylistic variety that can satisfy almost any aesthetic preference, in addition, it also combines well with other decorative materials.


Some of the features of metallic Wallpaper:

Some of the features of metallized fabric that you need to know:

– metallic canvas is unstable to mechanical damage. Therefore, it is better not to register their premises with aggressive factors of operation, such as a hallway or kitchen

– due to the small thickness of the metallic Wallpaper can be glued only on very flat and smooth surface. Therefore, before the basic work necessary to conduct thorough filling treatment, use drywall or plywood

– metallic Wallpaper paro and airtight. This property can lead to the fact that under it will start to develop mold.


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