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Loading and delivering machines for underground works.



Load-haul-dumpers designed for loading and moving of broken rock mass in underground mining.




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Load-haul-dumpers designed for loading and moving of broken rock mass in underground mining.

By design and principle of operation are divided into 2 groups: a bucket with handling bucket and with bucket loading hopper body and hopper-body.

Widely used bucket load-haul-dump machines. The specific weight of the hopper load-haul-dump machines minor and tends to further decrease.

Bucket loading-transportation machine as a separate form of transport (at distances up to 400 m) or as a loading unit in complex with dump trucks of sufficient capacity — is the most promising means of mechanization of loading, delivery and transportation of rock mass in underground mining of various minerals and conducting mining.

Load-haul-dumpers are fitted with either low-toxic diesel engines with air, and (rarely) or water-cooled motors, as well as pneumosinus movement mechanism. Low-pollution diesel engines are equipped with a combined two-stage (catalytic and liquid) purification system of exhaust gases. Electric handling car instead of a diesel engine installed in the motor and power supply device — batteryor cable drum, or the current collector. Pneumosinus the movement mechanism provides high maneuverability, cross-country, high shock absorbing capability, which greatly increases the service life of the machine, greater speed of movement.

The main feature of the design of bucket loading-transportation machine — the presence of the bucket working on the bottom drawing, front or side discharge where the rock mass is transported to the place of unloading or overloading the other vehicles. Unloading of the bucket is a rollover or (rarely) by pushing out with the plunger.

Main parameters (carrying capacity, weight and power) bucket loading-transportation machine can be divided into light, medium, heavy and super heavy, according to the relevant dimensions — small and large.

Russia produced load-haul-dump machine PD-2ЭМ.



– high capacity,

high permeability, maneuverability and mobility,

– versatility – the ability to perform great not only in volume but also in variety of different tasks, the scope of work. The main “duty” PDM – shipping and transporting the ore and the rock, but they also transport materials, equipment and the bolting elements, can act as a tractor,etc.

the ability to overcome inclines of up to 20° (empty).


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