Light gauge steel frame

Light gauge steel construction – alternative construction technology.



Light steel thin-walled structures is an alternative construction technology. The traditional Russian technology of construction require a lot of time and investment. Prefabricated buildings of steel structures (LSTC) are installed quickly, reliably and efficiently from the point of view of financial costs.





The stages of construction of lsts



Light steel thin-walled structures (lsts) — the technology of design and construction based on the frame using thermoprofiles and profiles made of galvanized thin-walled steel. Light steel thin-walled structures are used as carrier for the construction of wall structures, and the construction of interior partitions, floors slabs, roof systems, etc. Light steel thin-walled structures covered with a protective layer of zinc to protect against corrosion and do not require additional protection.

Light steel thin-walled structures is an alternative technology of construction. The traditional Russian technology of construction require a lot of time and investment. Prefabricated buildings of steel structures (LSTC) are installed quickly, reliably and efficiently from the point of view of financial costs.

The technology of prefabricated construction of lsts have received support and development in Northern countries (Canada, Sweden). In the early 90-ies of XX century, this method of construction was not just an interesting novelty, and decades of proven technology of construction a warm and durable houses.



– construction of lsts 3 times faster. Light gauge steel frame are manufactured in the factory, the construction site of a building assembled from ready elements on the screw connections and screws. No cement work and welding, no construction vehicles, a small team of workers

– easy Assembly of ready-made designs of LSTC. A complete set of components necessary for the construction, transported to the construction site. Steel construction 100% exactly match the original drawings and ready for installation. The need for drilling and cutting construction excluded

– installation manually. Due to the ease of steel structures (LSTC), the building of them can be collected manually, without the use of special machinery and construction machinery. For example, 3 to 4 workers can easily assemble the frame with a total area of 150-200 m2 in 15-20 days. Such terms make the building of truly prefabricated. Installation like an Assembly of building designer with relevant dimensions

– all season installation and construction. Buildings of steel structure are mounted and constructed in any weather, including in winter, because wet cement is completely eliminated,

– save at every stage of construction. The building of lsts are characterized by a small metal capacity: 30kg/m2, which saves on the cost of materials. Weight light steel thin-walled structures 8 times less than the weight of silicate bricks and 3 times less than concrete blocks required for the construction of similar buildings, which will save a delivery of steel constructions on the object. Due to the ease of steel structures, weight of steel buildings is minimal, and therefore for the construction of suitable foundations melkozaglublennye foundations and lightweight type, such as screw piles. The cost of labour is also minimal because the installation involved a team of 3-4 people without the use of special equipment, lifting and construction machines. Additional costs excluded

– maximum capacity. Cladding structures (wall and roof) are assembled from steel components, with steam – and waterproof film, a tightly. They laid natural mineral insulationthat is safe, hypoallergenic and non-flammable. The thickness of mineral wool insulation for walls and roofs selected on the basis of climatic characteristics. The use of perforated profiles (thermoprofile): several times increases the heat flow that virtually eliminates the main problem of metal – “cold bridge”. Such a device enclosing structures allows to keep the maximum heat in the room and reduce the cost of heating it. The thermal conductivity of the steel buildings of LSTC through the use of insulation at 16.8 times less than the brick and 4 times less than of brick,

– durability (up to 100 years use) and reliability. Steel construction is very reliable. With small specific gravity, the steel structures have considerable rigidity and strength. They do not rust, not crumble, not shrink, burn and pick up moisture like other materials. Frost steel buildings is 2 times higher than concrete, foam concrete and brick buildings. Steel frame and external finishing of the building of the steel will not have to repair for a long time. A steel building will stand without damage in the strong winds, snow and even earthquakes up to 9 points on the Richter scale. Vapor-proof filmmounted on the inside of the heater, protects it from moisture penetration from the premises. Waterproofing film, mounted on the outside of the insulation, and it protects the whole house from wind and rain. All materials are non — combustible and the building have a high degree of fire safety,

– high quality. Houses of lsts intended for permanent, year-round accommodation at any temperature. All ispolzuemye materials not susceptible to biological processes — decay, mold, fungi, etc. High degree of prefabrication of all the structural elements ensures ease of Assembly and ensures a high quality of the constructed facility. All projects meet all applicable standards for snow, wind, and other loads,

– environmentally friendly. The materials used and design does not harm the environment. All the materials used are ecologically safe for health

exclusive design of interior and exterior. Free layout of buildings and countless facing materials for both internal and external finishes,

– the construction of lsts in the period of operation does not require any “shrinkage”,

the construction can be conducted even in seismic hazardous areas

– multivariate. Light steel thin-walled structures can be used for construction of buildings of completely different configurations.



Light gauge steel frame suitable for the construction of:

residential buildings: apartment houses, cottages, one – and two-storey houses,

hangars, warehouses and logistics centers,

public buildings, administrative and other buildings: sports facilities, tires and car workshops, car dealerships, car washes, garages, Parking lots, indoor Parking lots, shopping pavilions, mini-markets, exhibition centers, schools, hotels, kindergartens.


The stages of construction of lsts:

1. The Foundation:

the construction of a new Foundation or training available;

laying of waterproofing on top of the Foundation.

2. Assembly and installation of walls, floor, ceiling:

build profiles in the frames on samouilidis screws: Assembly of the wall frame modules, build roof trusses, frame Assembly modules overlap, the Assembly of floor modules;

the assembled frames into a single structure: the floor frame modules are mounted to the walls.

3. Assembly and installation of the roof:

roof trusses are installed after fixing the modules on the Foundation walls.

4. Installation of insulation, films

the heater is inserted in the cell frame formed by vertical and horizontal profile without additional fastening. Since it is larger than the cell size, it holds due to its elastic properties;

the inner side of the insulation vapor barrier is closed to protect from exposure to moist air in the room;

outside of wall modules mounted windproof film. On the truss elements fit anti-condensation film, and around window and door openings is glued to waterproofing.

5. The façade cladding and internal wall surfaces:

on top of roof trusses mounted metal, and the walls are sheathed with metal siding, facade panels or other facade materials.


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