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KV radio “Uleyma-80”.



KV radio “Uleyma-80” is a miniature HF radio that operates in the shortwave band of 80 meters, on one fixed frequency in the Amateur band boundaries.




Properties and benefits



KV radio “Uleyma-80” is a miniature KV radio stationthat operates in the shortwave band of 80 meters, on one fixed frequency in the Amateur band boundaries or the plot of frequency 3800 – 3900 kHz (for service to the land mobile radio).

Scope of application: tourism, hunting, fishing, hotovosti, supervision, inspection of national parks and reserves, mountain climbing, emergency, police Department, forest farming, road construction, and exploration.




Properties and benefits:

– the distance from 0 to 150 km.

weight of set not exceeding 1 kg,

– dimensions, mm: 138 x 67 x 19,

the need for a wide range of people,

– built under the scheme of direct conversion with two symmetric quadrature channels and the intermediate frequency 6,347 kHz,

efficient algorithm of digital signal processing,

– the most modern element base,

ergonomics with all necessary components,

– ability to work in digital mode

the uniqueness of the radio station use NVIS transmission – range communication in dozens of times higher than those that can be obtained on VHF at lower gimbals of the antenna,

– no frills

ease of management requires no special knowledge (one button “transmit-receive”),

– the world’s only HF radio in the small sizes and weight,

high sensitivity to KV range – 0.6 UV.,

– optimal power output – 4 Watts,

protection from misalignment,

– standard impedance – 50 Ohm

standard SMA connector,

– frequency stability,

the spectral density of a signal due to a competent algorithm of digital processing

– efficiency: in receive mode and 30 mA in the presence of a signal up to 40-50 mA in transmit mode even with the loud sounds into the microphone peak value of the input current is 450 mA.

voltage supply – 12V.


Note: the description of technology on the example of HF radio “Uleyma-80”.

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