Inverter with highest 96% efficiency with built-in charger.

Inverter with highest 96% efficiency with built-in charger.



Multifunctional inverter with high efficiency with built-in charger converts 12V / 24V/48V to AC 220V, power from 1.3 kW to 20 kW. Inverter with high efficiency works with all types of batteries (and supercapacitors), has a high efficiency of 96%.







Multifunctional inverter with high efficiency with built-in charging device converts the voltage of 12/24/48V to AC 220V, power from 1.3 kW to 20 kW.

Inverter with high efficiency works with all types of rechargeable batteries (and supercapacitors), has a high efficiency of 96%.

A distinctive feature of the inverter is the use of the design of the inverter low-frequency tori.

Together with several batteries, inverter with high efficiency can operate as a stand-alone source of power for the home. If there is a network 220 In – it just passes it through itself, and, if necessary, an inverter with high efficiency recharges the batteries, if the disappeared network 220 In – instantly begins to generate 220 from the battery; time of Autonomous work depends on the load and battery capacity. The appearance of the network 220, the device – inverter with high efficiency switches to its original state. If the outage is very long, or do not, it is very advantageous to use an inverter with high efficiency together with a mini-power plant. In this case, including the plant for just 5-6 hours a day, you will ensure the facility round-the-clock electricity.



– Efficiency up to 96%,

high peak power in 2 – 2,5 times higher than nominal (5 c),

– ability to work with batteries of any type (all acid, gel, AGM, alkaline, and lithium iron phosphate, and can be independently programmed and any others that may appear in the future). To work with LiFeYPO4 battery, is provided for automatically turning off the output to the BMS (for control and power),

ultra-low energy consumption while generating 220 volts at idle (current the twentieth of 0.2 – 0.4 And with expensive transformer in the torus). The ability to enable sleep mode (automatic power on/off generation 220 only with the appearance/disappearance of load)

– ability to work in three-phase system (both network and stand-alone),

the ability to parallel up to 9 PCs of inverters, including up to 9 PCs for each phase in three-phase system,

the output waveform – pure sine (accuracy at nominal power 3%),

automatic start of standby diesel, diesel, gas generator (power plant) and further management

mode support network (or generator): automatic “addition” of power inverter to mains (or generator capacity) during peak loads. For example, if the house allocated only 5 kW of power, using the map 12.0 kW with battery, you can increase the power up to 11 kW, and the device will himself, if necessary, automatically switch to a battery and add to the existing network, the necessary power from the battery

installation time periods, network support, battery and generator operation, the priority of the battery (ECO mode). The possibility of using a dual-rate mode (priority charging at night and priority generation from the battery in the daytime),

– the “adding” (mixing) of energy from an alternative energy source to save or sell power to the grid, and battery it is possible not to use (however, the presence of at least the minimum capacity of the battery necessary)

the ability to work with a network inverter,

– the possibility of direct computer connection for monitoring and programming. Developed free FOR for power grid monitoring, including remote and inverter control. Some models of inverter for these purposes, is equipped with its own built-in microcomputer. You can also use a smartphone or tablet as a remote scoreboard

– automatic shutdown in case of overload, overheating, against discharge and overcharging of the battery

– low price.



– in the absence of centralized power supply;

– when you disconnect and power outages;

– in case of insufficient available capacity;

– to work in the system with renewable energy sources (solar panels and wind turbines);

– with the accumulation of energy from independent sources (gasoline, diesel and gas generators) to reduce the noise impact and increase the life of the generators.

Systems are used as well in special transport: Ministry of emergency situations, Ministry of internal Affairs, water transport, laboratory, ambulance, repair crews of the various activities, system MIC, where necessary in the field to have electricity 220 V or 380 V etc.