Installation of water purification

Installed water purification on the basis of polymeric filter.



Installed water purification on the basis of their work has a polymer filter made of special synthetic material, made in the form legacimusic balls with a diameter of ~ 50 mm. Polymeric filter removes suspended solids as small as 5 microns, while a sand filter of 10 microns.



The principle of operation





Installed water purification on the basis of their work has a polymer filter made of special synthetic material, made in the form legacimusic balls with a diameter of ~ 50 mm. Polymeric filter removes suspended solids as small as 5 microns, while a sand filter of 10 microns.


Installation of water purification represents a housing equipped with nozzles for supply and discharge of fluid. The inlet for supplying a fluid is located in the lower part of the housing, and an outlet for removing the fluid located in the upper part of the body. The filtration part based on polymer fibers of synthetic material, made in the form legacimusic balls located in a compressed state between the two perforated elements, the bottom of which is mounted above the inlet for supplying the liquid. The upper perforated element is connected with the mechanism moves from the lower position to the upper position.


Such constructive implementation of the filtration part based on polymer fibers allows to compress it directly into the body of the filter to perform a cleaning liquid (cleaning water) and expand it with an increase in occupied volume of space for the regeneration of the filter elements by washing away the solid particles with the polymer fibers of the element to the flowing fluid flowing through the filter.

Installation of water purification are produced with capacity from 25 m3/hour to 450 m3/h and more.


Working principle:

The unit operation is based on the principle of upward flow. The source water enters through the inlet ductlocated in the lower part of the unit and is cleaned as the flow up through the layers of compressed filter material. Then the purified water flows to discharge via the upper outlet pipe. The filter material in the form of legacimusic balls are retained in the filter layer using the upper and lower perforated plates. The design feature of the filtration part is that the upper plate is movable and is able to compress the layer of filter material, thereby changing the pore size of the beads. This allows you to set the necessary conditions for a cleaning and to adapt the filter to changing process parameters.

When the critical value of the pressure drop across the filter occurs need to flush the filter material. The recovery process occurs automatically under intensive aeration of the wash water. The upper perforated plate is in its highest position, thereby allowing filtering the beads to move freely throughout the volume of the filter. The flow of water and air barbthroat filter loading and cleanses the pores of the balls from the captured dirt. At the end of the cleaning process of the filter material, the wash water is removed by a special duct in the head of the treatment plant and the perforated plate is returned to its original operating position and the water purification process is resumed.



– high rate of filtration due to the low hygroscopicity of the used filter fibers and reduce friction, which increases filtration speed up to 100 m3/m2/hour, i.e. 100 m3/h per m2 of filter material,

the reduction of the occupied area – the area occupied by the polymer filter is 5-10 times less than that of sand filters

– durability of filter. Polymer fiber has a high resistance to wear, so the life of the boot for at least 5 years. The sand is worn and washed, so every year you have to add 20-25%,

all ambulances sand filters pressure, the inlet pressure of 30-35 m water column. The filter plastic inlet pressure of 5 m water column. Thus, costs for electrical energy reduced by 6-7 times,

– high cleaning efficiency. The polymer filter retains suspended matter with a size of 5 microns and a sand filter suspended solids ranging in size from 10 µm, which allows to achieve high quality cleaning and also to reduce 2-3 times the cost of coagulant,

high performance. The performance of the filter polymer is 7-10 times greater than the specific performance of sand filters

– possibility of manufacture of water purification units with capacity up to 450 m3/h with dimensions allowing to transport without a special permit. This means that the filter can be manufactured in factory conditions with stable high quality,

reduction of maintenance costs. Possible performance on the market soon sand filter — 75 m3/hour. To ensure the performance of up to 450 m3/hour, you need 6 emergency sand filters or slow sand filter with a filtering surface of over 50 m2 (respectively. the area of the building filters with pipelines will be more than 250 m2). To filter the polymer with a capacity of 450 m3/hour area with piping is 20 m2. Thus, construction costs and maintenance are reduced 8-10 times

– low cost filter polymer in comparison with other types of filters

reducing the cost of installation of piping for the filter polymer will be 3-4 times compared with traditional sand filters

the polymer filter is designed to work in automatic mode without constant presence of staff

the cost of the filter polymer on filter performance 450 m3/h (2.5 m3 loading) is less than the cost of a sand load for the same performance (100 tons of sand) 4 times,

– economical: reduction in cost of coagulant is 2-3 times the cost of electricity 6-7 times, construction costs and maintenance in 8 – 10 times, and reducing other expenses.



on pump-filter stations drinking water,

for purification of wastewater after secondary clarifiers at wastewater treatment plants,

for circulating water treatment in industrial plants

systems of water treatment technology of water supply enterprises, for purification of water before installations ultra and hyperfiltration in water treatment systems CHP and GRES

for the preliminary treatment of water systems, deionization and preparation of ultrapure water in pharmaceutical and electronic industry.


Note: the description of technology on the example of setting based on the polymer filter made of special synthetic material.