Installation for refining gasoline and other hydrocarbons

Installation for refining gasoline and other light and heavy hydrocarbons (oil, fuel oil, diesel fuel) with the aim of improving their quality.



Installation for refining gasoline and other light and heavy hydrocarbons (oil, fuel oil, diesel fuel) intended for production of composite fuel and improve their qualities.







Installation for refining gasoline and other light and heavy hydrocarbons solve complex problems of significant savings in any type of fuel (liquid, gaseous and solid). This installation is for the production of composite fuel based on them. The main element of such technologies is the hydrodynamic cavitation ultrasonic transducer. Fuel obtained as a result of this technology – composite fuelis different from the original by the presence in its structure of oxygen bound hydrocarbon structures (when using water as a fuel additive), a very high degree of ionization and radicalization, and factionalism, which in combination significantly enhances its combustion compared to traditional fuels (diesel, gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, fuel oil, etc.).

Practical use of existing installations on different energy facilities of the Russian Federation showed their high efficiency, reliability and the lack of influence on the personnel hazards: harmful radiation, discharge in the room of toxic gases, liquids, etc.

The unit capacity is from 2 tons/hour to 100 tonnes/hour and above. Moreover, the use of composite fuel generated at the plant, to reduce emissions into the environment significantly



– allows to reduce the cost 40% of shipping costs

obtained composite fuel from hydrocarbons (fuel oil, diesel fuel, crude oil) and water can be used in diesel engines without modification,

– gives a maximum saving of diesel fuel in transport enterprises and organizations using heavy mining equipment. While saving the environment.fuel when using technology is 400 liters per 1 ton,

allows to reduce by 40% the cost of electricity generation diesel generators.



processing for installing crude oil, liquid gas condensate, the resulting increase in gasoline to 10%,

processing of summer diesel fuel winter receive,

processing 80-th gasoline derived the properties of the 92nd,

adding diz.fuel is 30% of the water flowing through the installation, the obtained composite fuel running a diesel engine without change of settings

adding to the fuel oil from 30% to 50% of water, get fuel, running on marine diesel, boiler and power plant and rotating furnace at the metallurgical plant.

grind aqueous mixture of peatcan flow through the installation and get the stove fuel which is burning in the atomizer boiler

grind in water coal or oil shale being processed in the installation and obtain hydrocarbon liquid fuel – hydrocarbon fuel,

etc. etc. options.