Innovation in the pulp and paper industry

Innovation in the pulp and paper industry.




Innovation in the pulp and paper industry is relevant for large pulp and paper mills, which produced the main range of paper products and suppliers of raw materials for these mills, and small and medium enterprises producing specific products.

These innovations are aimed at providing 100% ecological purity of production, for disposal of accumulated waste pulp and paper industry and recovery of the environment.

Prospects of development of pulp and paper industry depends on many factors. They are grouped into separate factors of production.


The objects of labor (raw materials, etc.):

Miscanthus, a new grade, which will replace cotton.

Russian genetics-breeders have managed to develop a strain of miscanthus that is adapted to the Russian climatic conditions, the plant has acquired a considerable amount of useful qualities: the high content of valuable component in the production of – pulp, the high amount of biomass (45% more than cotton or wood), low cost of processing, resistance to winter temperatures. Single planting of miscanthus provides harvest over the next thirty years.


Production technology:

Nanocellulose and technology of its receipt. Waste management pulp and paper industry.

Nanocellulose is a wood fiber broken down to nanoparticles. Nanocellulose has properties such as overstrength, with its strength than stainless steel and pseudoplasticity, i.e. it is viscous under normal conditions and behaves as a liquid during physical interaction (shaking, shaking, etc.). Its amazing properties allow you to create on its basis an ultralight and ultra-strong materials.

Deep processing of flax – technology products.

Deep processing of flax is the direction of “green chemistry” associated with the possibility of replacing wood pulp and cotton cellulose cellulose annual plants (flax, miscanthus, etc.). This approach to the synthesis of cellulose are able to some extent to solve the acute environmental problem of massive deforestation as well as reduce the import dependence in the production of strategically important products.


Finished products:

Nanocellulose and technology of its receipt. Waste management pulp and paper industry.


Deep processing of flax – technology products.


Environmentally friendly and durable bags Kraft paper for packaging and sterilization.

Packages of Kraft paper is sturdy and environmentally friendly bags, made of high-strength wrapping paper. They are characterized by a long period of use, not wet, does not absorb moisture. Packages of Kraft paper leak air. They can be used for long-term storage of food and non-food products, and package sterile medical instruments and materials.


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