Induction melting installation – HDTV-oven

Induction melting installation – HDTV ELSIT oven with a control system with MODBUS Protocol.



Induction melting unit (induction furnace high frequency) has a high capacity that allows it to warm quickly and go directly to the melting of the metal. In the control system of the furnace laid a special control Protocol is the MODBUS, which enables the saving of electrical energy.


Description induction unit

Advantages of induction melting machines series “ELSIT”

Specifications induction melting machines series “ELSIT”


Description induction unit:

Induction heating is the heating of materials electrical currents that are induced by an alternating magnetic field. Therefore, it is the heating of articles of conductive materials (conductors) magnetic field of the inductors (of the AC magnetic field).

Induction melting unit (induction furnace high frequency) has a high capacity that allows it to warm quickly and go directly to the melting of the metal.

Induction melting equipment consist (HDTV induction furnaces) series “ELSIT”.

In the control system installation “ELSIT” embedded MODBUS Protocol, which allows at any time to obtain information about the status of the installation and to control the heating remotely. This suggests the possibility for connection of industrial controller and additional automatic systems.

Part HDTV installation “ELSIT” includes:

power unit Converter (SBP) frequency, made on IGBT-modules with microprocessor control system;

transformer block with resonant capacitors (TB), providing galvanic isolation from the network and load matching.

Induction melting installation can be performed depending on the operating conditions and the installed capacity in monoblock form SBP or separate housings of the power Converter (SBP) and transformer block (TB).

The installation and cooling of the inductor is flowing industrial water. Due to the high Converter efficiency (> 95%) difference of water temperature at the inlet and outlet of SBP varies only three to four degrees Celsius.


The advantages of induction melting series “ELSIT”:

furnace is able to run smoothly around the clock, and their time of operation will not be below;

compact equipment;

– reducing the cost of the product. Induction furnaces offer the possibility of saving of electrical energy;

induction melting device has a housing, which protects the structure from dust, so the installation does not require additional cleaning;

– environmental safety. No release of harmful odors or smoke;

furnaces have high guarantee.


Specifications induction melting installations (HDTV installations) series “ELSIT”:

Features: Value:
Maximum capacity, kW 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160, 210, 250, 300, 360, 420, 500, 600, 800, 1000, ……2000
Supply three-phase 380 V, 50 Hz
Frequency range, kHz from 2 to 5; 6 to 20; from 10 to 50; 30 to 80;
Efficiency efficiency 0,92 – 0,98
Adjustment of the resonance frequency with the change of the inductor automatically within a specified range (determined by microprocessor)
Regulation of output current in percentage of the maximum from 5 to 100
Cooling installations and inductors water (technical water) with a flow rate of at least 7 l/min.;
the cooling station integrated or independent.
Control system Converter a microprocessor unit with memory for 100 programs of technological process
Programming of process parameters current and the heating time, heating temperature, operation modes (manual, timer, automatic)
Inductors the performance of various configurations;
at T≥1000°C heat-resistant concrete pouring.
The presence of electronic protection against various kinds of contingencies two-stage overcurrent protection;protection from rise/fall or phase of the input voltage;protection against short circuit of the coils of the inductor;thermal protection;reduce the speed of the fluid coolant.
The possibility of integration into a production line RS485 interface, MODBUS Protocol


Power (kVA) Overall dimensions (height*width*length) (mm) Total weight (kg)
20-40 750*430*360 27-43
60-80 750*430*500 57-65
100-120 820*430*700 78-95
160-240 820*430*900 110-140
300-600 execution in two buildings


Note: the description of technology in example of induction furnaces “ELSIT”.