Hydrotron raises water to a height of several tens of meters.

Gidroterm – the hydraulic RAM.



Hydrotron (the hydraulic RAM) is a simple and ingenious mechanism, without the need for energy source and not having the engine, lifts water to a height of several tens of meters.


Description hydracarina

The principle of operation hydracarina

Design hydracarina “Cadalic”

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Application hydracarina

Specifications hydrotrans “Cadalic”


Description hydracarina:

Hydrotron (the hydraulic RAM) is a simple and ingenious mechanism, without the need for energy source and not having the engine, lifts water to a height of several tens of meters.

It can continuously work for months without supervision, adjustment and maintenance, supplying with water a small eco-settlement, intra-settlement, community, or farm.

On the basis of the hydraulic RAM is the so-called water hammer — a sharp increase in pressure in the pipeline.


The principle of operation hydracarina:

The figure below shows a schematic diagram hydracarina.

1. The supply pipe
2. Pneumatic valve
3. Pressure valve
4. Air cap
5. Pressure pipe
6. The device of water extraction

The supply pipe (1) has a relatively large length. The height of the water level at the site fence and install a pneumatic valve should be at least 0.5 m (differential directly affects the productivity and the height of the head).

Hydraulic RAM works as follows. When you open a pneumatic valve (2) water, moving along the feed pipe (1), is drained to the outside. When a certain flow rate, the water picks up a pneumatic valve (2) and rapidly moves it to the top. Valve (2) abruptly stops the flow of water. Front layers of water, resting on the valve (2) stops, while the other layers of the water column in the feed pipe (1) continue by inertia movement. As a result, there is a sharp increase in pressure in the zone of the pneumatic valve (2), and the entire water column in the pipe (1) is stopped. The process of increasing the pressure in the pipe (1) is accompanied by an elastic compression of the water. After stopping the water in the pipe (1) emerges, the reflected pressure wave in the direction of intake of water (6), leading to lowering of pressure in a pneumatic valve (2) until discharge. A pneumatic valve (2) opens and the process is repeated again. In moments of increasing pressure in a pneumatic valve (2) water through the pressure valve (3) is received in the cavity of the air cap (4) or otherwise of the hydropneumatic accumulator. Then the water almost without a ripple, via the pressure line (5) arrives to the destination.

The phenomenon described, when dispersed by a massive column of water in the long supply pipe (1) strikes suddenly closed pneumatic valve (2), referred to as hydraulic shock.


Design hydracarina “Cadalic”:

1. The supply pipe
2. Housing demolition and metering valves
3. Air cap
4. Pressure valve
5. Orifice
6. Mounting bracket
7. Pneumatic valve


Advantages hydracarina:

– long service life,

easy to use and require minimal maintenance,

– works without fuel, gas, electricity, and manual power, saves finances in huge volumes,

can provide service to one million litres of water per year.


Application hydracarina:

Hydrotherapy are installed on rivers, streams, waterfalls and keys, and any accumulation of water, where it is possible to install a dam with height of 0.5 meters.

Self-acting pumps, hydraulic rams are designed not for wells, boreholes, and lakes!


Specifications hydrotrans “Cadalic”:

PARAMETERS / MODEL “Cadalic” GT-01-40/ ½ “ “Cadalic” GT-03-32/ ½ “
Working elevation (m) 1 — 8 0,5 — 3
The recommended height difference (m) 1,5 — 5 0,5 — 1,5
Performance, rise of water (pressure) to a height of 15m, differential 1.5 m (l/day) 2000 1200
Maximum pressure (at zero performance), Delta (1.5 m m) 40 25
The diameter of the pressure pipe HDPE SDR 11 (mm) 40 32
Guaranteed lifetime 2 years 2 years
Life (with recommended maintenance) up to 20 years up to 10 years
Features Greater strength and durability — Small price for optimum performance
— Work in a wide range of elevation changes — Good work at low elevation


Note: the description of technology in example hydracarina “Cadalic”.